Doungkamon Phihusut
Doungkamon Phihusut
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Chulalongkorn University의 이메일 확인됨
Gently reduced graphene oxide incorporated into cobalt oxalate rods as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst
D Phihusut, JD Ocon, B Jeong, JW Kim, JK Lee, J Lee
Electrochimica Acta 140, 404-411, 2014
Self-Organized One-Dimensional Cobalt Compound Nanostructures from CoC2O4 for Superior Oxygen Evolution Reaction
JW Kim, JK Lee, D Phihusut, Y Yi, HJ Lee, J Lee
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (45), 23712-23715, 2013
Phosphorus removal from wastewater using eggshell ash
J Torit, D Phihusut
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26 (33), 34101-34109, 2019
Fast and efficient removal of hexavalent chromium from water by iron oxide particles
D Kitkaew, A Phetrak, S Ampawong, R Mingkhwan, D Phihusut, ...
Environment and Natural Resources Journal 16 (1), 91-100, 2018
Performance of dissolved organic matter removal from membrane bioreactor effluent by magnetic powdered activated carbon
S Ittisupornrat, D Phihusut, D Kitkaew, S Sangkarak, A Phetrak
Journal of environmental management 248, 109314, 2019
Conversion of Hydrilla verticillata to bio-oil and charcoal using a continuous pyrolysis reactor
K Promdee, D Phihusut, A Monthienvichienchai, Y Tongaram, ...
Biofuels, 1-9, 2018
Removal of methylene blue using agricultural waste: A case study of rice husk and rice husk ash from chaipattana rice mill demonstration center
D Phihusut, M Chantharat
Environment and Natural Resources Journal 15 (2), 30-38, 2017
An optimized mild reduction route towards excellent cobalt–graphene catalysts for water oxidation
D Phihusut, JD Ocon, JK Lee, J Lee
RSC Advances 5 (80), 64858-64864, 2015
Kinetic Adsorption of Hazardous Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution onto Iron-Impregnated Powdered Activated Carbon
A Phetrak, S Sangkarak, S Ampawong, S Ittisupornrat, D Phihusut
Environment and Natural Resources Journal 17 (4), 78-86, 2019
Adsorptive performance of activated carbon reused from household drinking water filter for hexavalent chromium-contaminated water
S Sangkarak, A Phetrak, S Kittipongvises, D Kitkaew, D Phihusut, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 272, 111085, 2020
Preparation of graphite oxide using modified Tours method by using raw graphite powder from jewelry industry waste
K Utila, D Phihusut
Engineering and Applied Science Research 43, 70-73, 2016
Lessons from Korean innovation model for ASEAN countries towards a knowledge economy
JD Ocon, D Phihusut, JAD del Rosario, TN Tuan, J Lee
STI Policy Review 4 (2), 19-40, 2013
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