Thomas John Wallin
Thomas John Wallin
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3D printing of soft robotic systems
TJ Wallin, J Pikul, RF Shepherd
Nature Reviews Materials 3 (6), 84-100, 2018
3D printing antagonistic systems of artificial muscle using projection stereolithography
BN Peele, TJ Wallin, H Zhao, RF Shepherd
Bioinspiration & biomimetics 10 (5), 055003, 2015
Highly elastic, transparent, and conductive 3D‐printed ionic composite hydrogels
J Odent, TJ Wallin, W Pan, K Kruemplestaedter, RF Shepherd, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (33), 1701807, 2017
Click chemistry stereolithography for soft robots that self-heal
TJ Wallin, JH Pikul, S Bodkhe, BN Peele, BC Mac Murray, D Therriault, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 5 (31), 6249-6255, 2017
Nanoscale ionic materials
NJ Fernandes, TJ Wallin, RA Vaia, H Koerner, EP Giannelis
Chemistry of Materials 26 (1), 84-96, 2014
Autonomic perspiration in 3D-printed hydrogel actuators
AK Mishra, TJ Wallin, W Pan, P Xu, K Wang, EP Giannelis, B Mazzolai, ...
Science Robotics 5 (38), 2020
3D printable tough silicone double networks
TJ Wallin, LE Simonsen, W Pan, K Wang, E Giannelis, RF Shepherd, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-10, 2020
Hierarchical chemomechanical encoding of multi-responsive hydrogel actuators via 3D printing
J Odent, S Vanderstappen, A Toncheva, E Pichon, TJ Wallin, K Wang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (25), 15395-15403, 2019
3D printing of viscoelastic suspensions via digital light synthesis for tough nanoparticle–elastomer composites
K Wang, W Pan, Z Liu, TJ Wallin, G van Dover, S Li, EP Giannelis, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (25), 2001646, 2020
Machine learning generative models for automatic design of multi-material 3D printed composite solids
T Xue, TJ Wallin, Y Menguc, S Adriaenssens, M Chiaramonte
Extreme Mechanics Letters 41, 100992, 2020
Optical stereolithography of antifouling zwitterionic hydrogels
W Pan, TJ Wallin, J Odent, MC Yip, B Mosadegh, RF Shepherd, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 7 (17), 2855-2864, 2019
Stereolithography for Personalized Left Atrial Appendage Occluders
SS Robinson, CA Aubin, TJ Wallin, S Gharaie, PA Xu, K Wang, ...
Advanced materials technologies 3 (12), 1800233, 2018
Direct measurement of the interfacial attractions between functionalized graphene and polymers in nanocomposites
M Cai, AJ Glover, TJ Wallin, DE Kranbuehl, HC Schniepp
AIP Conference Proceedings 1255 (1), 95-97, 2010
Engineered loading response in electroactive polymer devices having structured nanovoids
J Lindsay, KM Smyth, TJF Wallin, AJ Ouderkirk, T Malhotra, A Lane, ...
US Patent 10,749,448, 2020
A simplified mathematical model of solid tumor regrowth with therapies
JP Tian, K Stone, TJ Wallin
Conference Publications 2009 (Special), 771, 2009
Mechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites Based on Functionalized Graphene Sheets
T Wallin
College of William and Mary, Virginia, 2010
Transducers with electrostatic repulsion and associated systems and methods
Y Menguc, AJ Ouderkirk, CYT Liao, KM Smyth, TJF Wallin, J Lindsay, ...
US Patent App. 16/215,684, 2020
Absence of magnetic ordering in low dimensional mixed magnetic Mn1− xNixCl2· H2O
GC DeFotis, TM Owens, WM May, JH Boyle, ES Vos, Y Matsuyama, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 322 (14), 1962-1968, 2010
Acoustophoretic Liquefaction For 3D Printing Ultrahigh Viscosity Nanoparticle Suspensions
Z Liu, W Pan, K Wang, Y Matia, A Xu, JA Barreiros, C Darkes‐Burkey, ...
Advanced Materials, 2106183, 2021
Predicting Interfacial Layer Adhesion Strength in 3D Printable Silicone
S Walker, E Lingle, N Troxler, TJ Wallin, K Healy, Y Mengüç, J Davidson
Additive Manufacturing, 102320, 2021
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