Seon Ho Oh
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Background subtraction via superpixel-based online matrix decomposition with structured foreground constraints
S Javed, S Ho Oh, A Sobral, T Bouwmans, S Ki Jung
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision …, 2015
OR-PCA with MRF for robust foreground detection in highly dynamic backgrounds
S Javed, SH Oh, A Sobral, T Bouwmans, SK Jung
Asian conference on computer vision, 284-299, 2014
Robust background subtraction to global illumination changes via multiple features-based online robust principal components analysis with Markov random field
S Javed, SH Oh, T Bouwmans, SK Jung
Journal of Electronic Imaging 24 (4), 043011, 2015
Compact deep learned feature-based face recognition for Visual Internet of Things
SH Oh, GW Kim, KS Lim
The Journal of Supercomputing 74 (12), 6729-6741, 2018
Robust background subtraction via online robust PCA using image decomposition
S Javed, SH Oh, JH Heo, SK Jung
Proceedings of the 2014 conference on research in adaptive and convergent …, 2014
Foreground object detection and tracking for visual surveillance system: A hybrid approach
SH Oh, S Javed, SK Jung
2013 11th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, 13-18, 2013
A Great Circle Arc Detector in Equirectangular Images.
SH Oh, SK Jung
VISAPP (1), 346-351, 2012
Ransac-based Or thogonal Vanishing Point Estimation in the Equirectangular Images
SH Oh, SK Jung
Journal of Korea Multimedia Society 15 (12), 1430-1441, 2012
Deep feature learning for person re-identification in a large-scale crowdsourced environment
SH Oh, SW Han, BS Choi, GW Kim, KS Lim
The Journal of Supercomputing 74 (12), 6753-6765, 2018
IPBAS: improved pixel based adaptive background segmenter for background subtraction
S Javed, S Oh, S Jung
Conf.: Human Computer Interaction, Korea, 2014
Vanishing Point Estimation in Equirectangular Images
SH Oh, SK Jung
Proc. Int’l Conf. Multimedia Information Technology and Applications, 45-47, 2012
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오선호, 장재석, 장경호, 정순기
한국 HCI 학회 학술대회, 807-812, 2008
Early wildfire detection using convolutional neural network
SH Oh, SW Ghyme, SK Jung, GW Kim
International Workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision, 18-30, 2020
A semi-automatic building modeling system using a single satellite image
SH Oh, KH Jang, SK Jung
The KIPS Transactions: PartB 16 (6), 451-462, 2009
An Improved Pixel-Based Adaptive Background Segmenter for Visual Surveillance System
S Javed, SH Oh, SK Jung
한국 HCI 학회 학술대회, 579-582, 2014
위성영상을 이용한 건물 모델링 및 지형 정합 시스템
오선호, 정순기, 김상희, 김정환
한국정보과학회 학술발표논문집 35 (1C), 549-554, 2008
Trends in Dynamic Crime Prediction Technologies based on Intelligent CCTV
S Park, SH Oh, SW Park, KS Lim, BS Choi, SH Park, SW Ghyme, SW Han, ...
Electronics and Telecommunications Trends 35 (2), 17-27, 2020
Prototype system design for large-scale person re-identification
SH Oh, SW Han, BS Choi, GW Kim
Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, 649-651, 2017
Face Recognition for Mobile Self-authentication with Online Model Update
SH Oh, GW Kim
Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, 646-648, 2017
숫자음 패턴을 이용한 TDNN 기반의 생체 인증 시스템
이동건, 오선호, 김수형, 정영규
한국 HCI 학회 학술대회, 621-624, 2017
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