François Pierrot
François Pierrot
LIRMM, CNRS & Université de Montpellier
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DELTA: a simple and efficient parallel robot
F Pierrot, C Reynaud, A Fournier
Robotica 8 (2), 105-109, 1990
Optimal design of a 4-DOF parallel manipulator: From academia to industry
F Pierrot, V Nabat, O Company, S Krut, P Poignet
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H4: a new family of 4-dof parallel robots
F Pierrot, O Company
1999 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics …, 1999
Hippocrate: A safe robot arm for medical applications with force feedback
F Pierrot, E Dombre, E Dégoulange, L Urbain, P Caron, S Boudet, ...
Medical Image Analysis 3 (3), 285-300, 1999
Par4: very high speed parallel robot for pick-and-place
V Nabat, M de la O RODRIGUEZ, O Company, S Krut, F Pierrot
2005 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on intelligent robots and systems …, 2005
A new design of a 6-DOF parallel robot
F Pierrot
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H4 parallel robot: modeling, design and preliminary experiments
F Pierrot, F Marquet, O Company, T Gil
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Towards a fully-parallel 6 dof robot for high-speed applications
F Pierrot, A Fournier, P Dauchex
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HEXA: a fast six-DOF fully-parallel robot
F Pierrot, P Dauchez, A Fournier
Fifth International Conference on Advanced Robotics' Robots in Unstructured …, 1991
I4: A new parallel mechanism for Scara motions
S Krut, M Benoit, H Ota, F Pierrot
2003 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Cat. No …, 2003
Force polytope and force ellipsoid for redundant manipulators
P Chiacchio, Y Bouffard‐Vercelli, F Pierrot
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Fast parallel robots
F Pierrot, P Dauchez, A Fournier
Journal of Robotic Systems 8 (6), 829-840, 1991
Moonwalker, a lower limb exoskeleton able to sustain bodyweight using a passive force balancer
S Krut, M Benoit, E Dombre, F Pierrot
2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2215-2220, 2010
Effects of non-negligible cable mass on the static behavior of large workspace cable-driven parallel mechanisms
N Riehl, M Gouttefarde, S Krut, C Baradat, F Pierrot
2009 IEEE international conference on robotics and automation, 2193-2198, 2009
HIPPOCRATE: an intrinsically safe robot for medical applications
E Degoulange, L Urbain, P Caron, S Boudet, J Gariépy, JL Megnien, ...
Proceedings. 1998 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots …, 1998
Robust design of independent joint controllers with experimentation on a high-speed parallel robot
P Chiacchio, F Pierrot, L Sciavicco, B Siciliano
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 40 (4), 393-403, 1993
Four-degree-of-freedom parallel robot
F Pierrot, T Shibukawa, K Morita
US Patent 6,516,681, 2003
Kinematic and dynamic identification of parallel mechanisms
P Renaud, A Vivas, N Andreff, P Poignet, P Martinet, F Pierrot, ...
Control engineering practice 14 (9), 1099-1109, 2006
Modeling, performance analysis and control of robot manipulators
E Dombre, W Khalil
Iste, 2007
A high-speed parallel robot for Scara motions
S Krut, V Nabat, O Company, F Pierrot
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2004. Proceedings …, 2004
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