Katia Mattarozzi
Katia Mattarozzi
DIMES University of Bologna
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Clinical, behavioural and polysomnographic correlates of cataplexy in patients with narcolepsy/cataplexy
K Mattarozzi, C Bellucci, C Campi, C Cipolli, R Ferri, C Franceschini, ...
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Minimal hepatic encephalopathy: longitudinal effects of liver transplantation
K Mattarozzi, A Stracciari, L Vignatelli, R D'Alessandro, MC Morelli, ...
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Participation in medical decision-making: attitudes of Italians with multiple sclerosis
A Giordano, K Mattarozzi, E Pucci, M Leone, F Casini, L Collimedaglia, ...
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Effects of gender and personality on first impression
K Mattarozzi, A Todorov, M Marzocchi, A Vicari, PM Russo
PloS one 10 (9), e0135529, 2015
Overnight distribution and motor characteristics of REM sleep behaviour disorder episodes in patients with narcolepsy–cataplexy
C Cipolli, C Franceschini, K Mattarozzi, M Mazzetti, G Plazzi
Sleep medicine 12 (7), 635-640, 2011
Continuity of the processing of declarative knowledge during human sleep: Evidence from interrelated contents of mental sleep experiences
C Cipolli, PC Cicogna, K Mattarozzi, M Mazzetti, V Natale, M Occhionero
Neuroscience Letters 342 (3), 147-150, 2003
What patients’ complaints and praise tell the health practitioner: implications for health care quality. A qualitative research study
K Mattarozzi, F Sfrisi, F Caniglia, A De Palma, M Martoni
International Journal for Quality in Health Care 29 (1), 83-89, 2017
REM-dreams recall in patients with narcolepsy-cataplexy
M Mazzetti, C Bellucci, K Mattarozzi, G Plazzi, G Tuozzi, C Cipolli
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Cognitive functioning in chronic acquired hepatocerebral degeneration
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Minimal hepatic encephalopathy: follow-up 10 years after successful liver transplantation
K Mattarozzi, L Cretella, M Guarino, A Stracciari
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Distinguishing between clinical and minimal hepatic encephalopathy on the basis of specific cognitive impairment
K Mattarozzi, C Campi, M Guarino, A Stracciari
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Memory for faces: the effect of facial appearance and the context in which the face is encountered
K Mattarozzi, A Todorov, M Codispoti
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Development and validation of a patient self-assessed questionnaire on satisfaction with communication of the multiple sclerosis diagnosis
A Solari, K Mattarozzi, L Vignatelli, A Giordano, PM Russo, ...
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 16 (10), 1237-1247, 2010
Sleep and time course of consolidation of visual discrimination skills in patients with narcolepsy–cataplexy
C Cipolli, G Campana, C Campi, K Mattarozzi, M Mazzetti, G Tuozzi, ...
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Story-like organization of REM-dreams in patients with narcolepsy–cataplexy
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Fear of dental pain in I talian children: child personality traits and parental dental fear
G D'Alessandro, N Alkhamis, K Mattarozzi, M Mazzetti, G Piana
Journal of public health dentistry 76 (3), 179-183, 2016
Effect of the disclosure of MS diagnosis on anxiety, mood and quality of life of patients: a prospective study
K Mattarozzi, L Vignatelli, E Baldin, A Lugaresi, E Pietrolongo, MR Tola, ...
International journal of clinical practice 66 (5), 504-514, 2012
Functional focal retrograde amnesia: Lost access to abstract autobiographical knowledge?
A Stracciari, K Mattarozzi, C Fonti, M Guarino
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Semantic priming effect during REM-sleep inertia in patients with narcolepsy
M Mazzetti, C Campi, K Mattarozzi, G Plazzi, G Tuozzi, S Vandi, ...
Brain research bulletin 71 (1-3), 270-278, 2006
Burnout and psychological distress between surgical and non-surgical residents
M Serenari, A Cucchetti, PM Russo, G Fallani, K Mattarozzi, AD Pinna, ...
Updates in surgery 71 (2), 323-330, 2019
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