Seung-Hyun Chun
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Effects of annealing time on defect-controlled ferromagnetism in
SJ Potashnik, KC Ku, SH Chun, JJ Berry, N Samarth, P Schiffer
Applied Physics Letters 79 (10), 1495-1497, 2001
Highly enhanced Curie temperature in low-temperature annealed [Ga, Mn] As epilayers
KC Ku, SJ Potashnik, RF Wang, SH Chun, P Schiffer, N Samarth, ...
Applied Physics Letters 82 (14), 2302-2304, 2003
Colossal magnetoresistance is a Griffiths singularity
MB Salamon, P Lin, SH Chun
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Bright visible light emission from graphene
YD Kim, H Kim, Y Cho, JH Ryoo, CH Park, P Kim, YS Kim, S Lee, Y Li, ...
Nature nanotechnology 10 (8), 676-681, 2015
Coexistence of localized and itinerant carriers near T C in calcium-doped manganites
M Jaime, P Lin, SH Chun, MB Salamon, P Dorsey, M Rubinstein
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Saturated ferromagnetism and magnetization deficit in optimally annealed epilayers
SJ Potashnik, KC Ku, R Mahendiran, SH Chun, RF Wang, N Samarth, ...
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Griffiths singularities and magnetoresistive manganites
MB Salamon, SH Chun
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Direct measurement of the spin polarization of the magnetic semiconductor (Ga, Mn) As
JG Braden, JS Parker, P Xiong, SH Chun, N Samarth
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Charge transport in manganites: Hopping conduction, the anomalous Hall effect, and universal scaling
Y Lyanda-Geller, SH Chun, MB Salamon, PM Goldbart, PD Han, ...
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Magnetotransport in manganites and the role of quantal phases: Theory and experiment
SH Chun, MB Salamon, Y Lyanda-Geller, PM Goldbart, PD Han
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Nanocrystalline graphite growth on sapphire by carbon molecular beam epitaxy
SK Jerng, DS Yu, YS Kim, J Ryou, S Hong, C Kim, S Yoon, DK Efetov, ...
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Spin-polarized tunneling in hybrid metal-semiconductor magnetic tunnel junctions
SH Chun, SJ Potashnik, KC Ku, P Schiffer, N Samarth
Physical Review B 66 (10), 100408, 2002
Methane as an effective hydrogen source for single-layer graphene synthesis on Cu foil by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
YS Kim, JH Lee, YD Kim, SK Jerng, K Joo, E Kim, J Jung, E Yoon, ...
Nanoscale 5 (3), 1221-1226, 2013
Graphitic carbon growth on crystalline and amorphous oxide substrates using molecular beam epitaxy
SK Jerng, DS Yu, JH Lee, C Kim, S Yoon, SH Chun
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Spectroscopic determination of hole density in the ferromagnetic semiconductor
MJ Seong, SH Chun, HM Cheong, N Samarth, A Mascarenhas
Physical Review B 66 (3), 033202, 2002
Focused-laser-enabled p–n junctions in graphene field-effect transistors
YD Kim, MH Bae, JT Seo, YS Kim, H Kim, JH Lee, JR Ahn, SW Lee, ...
ACS nano 7 (7), 5850-5857, 2013
Spin valve effect of NiFe/graphene/NiFe junctions
MZ Iqbal, MW Iqbal, JH Lee, YS Kim, SH Chun, J Eom
Nano Research 6 (5), 373-380, 2013
Interplay between Carrier and Impurity Concentrations in Annealed : Intrinsic Anomalous Hall Effect
SH Chun, YS Kim, HK Choi, IT Jeong, WO Lee, KS Suh, YS Oh, KH Kim, ...
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Point contact spin spectroscopy of ferromagnetic MnAs epitaxial films
RP Panguluri, G Tsoi, B Nadgorny, SH Chun, N Samarth, II Mazin
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Improved Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Performance using MoS2–WS2 Heterostructures by Physicochemical Process
D Vikraman, S Hussain, K Akbar, L Truong, A Kathalingam, SH Chun, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (7), 8400-8409, 2018
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