Steven L Miller
Steven L Miller
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Florida's mystery coral-killer identified
LL Richardson, WM Goldberg, KG Kuta, RB Aronson, GW Smith, ...
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Pulsed delivery of subthermocline water to Conch Reef (Florida Keys) by internal tidal bores
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Episodic nutrient transport to Florida coral reefs
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Algal blooms on coral reefs: what are the causes?
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Priority effects in the recruitment of juvenile coral reef fishes
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Recruitment of Ascophyllum nodosum: wave action as a source of mortality
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Simultaneous top‐down and bottom‐up forces control macroalgal blooms on coral reefs (Reply to the comment by Hughes et al.)
BE Lapointe
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Effects of nutrients versus herbivores on reef algae: a new method for manipulating nutrients on coral reefs
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M Chiappone, H Dienes, DW Swanson, SL Miller
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Viral tracer studies indicate contamination of marine waters by sewage disposal practices in Key Largo, Florida.
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Ecological shifts along the Florida reef tract: the past as a key to the future
WF Precht, SL Miller
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Climate change, coral reef ecosystems, and management options for marine protected areas
BD Keller, DF Gleason, E McLeod, CM Woodley, S Airamé, BD Causey, ...
Environmental management 44 (6), 1069-1088, 2009
Occurrence and biological impacts of fishing gear and other marine debris in the Florida Keys
M Chiappone, A White, DW Swanson, SL Miller
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Customizing PRM roadmaps at query time
G Song, S Miller, NM Amato
Proceedings 2001 ICRA. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and …, 2001
Predicting high-frequency upwelling: Spatial and temporal patterns of temperature anomalies on a Florida coral reef
JJ Leichter, SL Miller
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Benthic habitat mapping in the Tortugas region, Florida
EC Franklin, JS Ault, SG Smith, J Luo, GA Meester, GA Diaz, ...
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Large-scale surveys on the Florida Reef Tract indicate poor recovery of the long-spined sea urchin Diadema antillarum
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Baseline multispecies coral reef fish stock assessment for the Dry Tortugas
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Density, spatial distribution and size structure of sea urchins in Florida Keys coral reef and hard-bottom habitats
M Chiappone, DW Swanson, SL Miller
Marine Ecology Progress Series 235, 117-126, 2002
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