Michele Pierotti
Michele Pierotti
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
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Colour polymorphism and correlated characters: genetic mechanisms and evolution
JS McKinnon, MER Pierotti
Molecular ecology 19 (23), 5101-5125, 2010
Male mating behavior and ejaculate expenditure under sperm competition risk in the eastern mosquitofish
JP Evans, M Pierotti, A Pilastro
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Male–male competition and speciation: aggression bias towards differently coloured rivals varies between stages of speciation in a Lake Victoria cichlid species complex
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Female preference for male color is necessary and sufficient for assortative mating in 2 cichlid sister species
OM Selz, MER Pierotti, ME Maan, C Schmid, O Seehausen
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Disruptive sexual selection on male nuptial coloration in an experimental hybrid population of cichlid fish
RB Stelkens, MER Pierotti, DA Joyce, AM Smith, I van der Sluijs, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 363 …, 2008
Mapping individual variation in male mating preference space: multiple choice in a color polymorphic cichlid fish
MER Pierotti, JA Martín‐Fernández, O Seehausen
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J Torres-Dowdall, MER Pierotti, A Härer, N Karagic, JM Woltering, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2017
Differences in male coloration are predicted by divergent sexual selection between populations of a cichlid fish
OM Selz, R Thommen, MER Pierotti, JM Anaya-Rojas, O Seehausen
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Male mating preferences pre‐date the origin of a female trait polymorphism in an incipient species complex of Lake Victoria cichlids
MER Pierotti, O Seehausen
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L Yong, R Guo, DS Wright, SA Mears, M Pierotti, JS McKinnon
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Variable vision in variable environments: the visual system of an invasive cichlid (Cichla monoculus, Agassiz, 1831) in Lake Gatun, Panama.
D Escobar-Camacho, MER Pierotti, V Ferenc, DMT Sharpe, E Ramos, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology, 222: 1-6, 2019
Reconstructing reef fish communities using fish otoliths in coral reef sediments
CH Lin, B De Gracia, MER Pierotti, AH Andrews, K Griswold, A O’Dea
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Intrasexual competition and throat color evolution in female three-spined sticklebacks
L Yong, BE Woodall, MER Pierotti, JS McKinnon
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A dune with a view: the eyes of a neotropical fossorial lizard
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Visual pigment evolution in Characiformes: the dynamic interplay of teleost whole-genome duplication, surviving opsins and spectral tuning
D Escobar-Camacho, KL Carleton, DW Narain, MER Pierotti
Molecular Ecology, 29(12): 2234-2253, 2020
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