Brittan V. Steffel
Brittan V. Steffel
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No barrier to emergence of bathyal king crabs on the Antarctic shelf
RB Aronson, KE Smith, SC Vos, JB McClintock, MO Amsler, PO Moksnes, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (42), 12997-13002, 2015
Climate change and the threat of novel marine predators in Antarctica
KE Smith, RB Aronson, BV Steffel, MO Amsler, S Thatje, H Singh, ...
Ecosphere 8 (11), 2017
Biology of the king crab Paralomis birsteini on the continental slope off the western Antarctic Peninsula
KE Smith, RB Aronson, S Thatje, GA Lovrich, MO Amsler, BV Steffel, ...
Polar Biology 40 (11), 2313-2322, 2017
Characterization of the exoskeleton of the Antarctic king crab Paralomis birsteini
BV Steffel, KE Smith, GH Dickinson, JA Flannery, KA Baran, MN Rosen, ...
Invertebrate Biology 138 (2), e12246, 2019
Antarctic ecosystem responses following ice‐shelf collapse and iceberg calving: Science review and future research
J Ingels, RB Aronson, CR Smith, A Baco, HM Bik, JA Blake, A Brandt, ...
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 12 (1), e682, 2021
Mechanical resistance in decapod claw denticles: contribution of structure and composition
MN Rosen, KA Baran, JN Sison, BV Steffel, WC Long, RJ Foy, KE Smith, ...
Acta Biomaterialia 110, 196-207, 2020
Durophagous Predation by King Crabs on the Continental Slope off Antarctica
K Smith, RB Aronson, BV Steffel, JB McClintock, M Amsler, S Thatje
American Geophysical Union 2016, HE53B-06, 2016
Ocean acidification alters properties of the exoskeleton in adult Tanner crabs, Chionoecetes bairdi
GH Dickinson, S Bejerano, T Salvador, C Makdisi, S Patel, WC Long, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 224 (3), 2021
Antarctic Ecosystem Research following Ice Shelf Collapse and Iceberg Calving Events
J Ingels, R Aronson, CR Smith, A Baco-Taylor, H Bik, J Blake, A Brandt, ...
Predatory Capacity of King Crabs in Antarctica
BV Steffel
Claw Strength of Lithodid King Crabs in Antarctic Waters
BV Steffel, K Smith, RB Aronson
American Geophysical Union 2016, HE54C-1606, 2016
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