Jinwoo Kim
Jinwoo Kim
Center for Energy Materials Research
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Strain-programmable fiber-based artificial muscle
M Kanik, S Orguc, G Varnavides, J Kim, T Benavides, D Gonzalez, ...
Science 365 (6449), 145-150, 2019
Utilization of high entropy alloy characteristics in Er-Gd-Y-Al-Co high entropy bulk metallic glass
J Kim, HS Oh, J Kim, CW Ryu, GW Lee, HJ Chang, ES Park
Acta Materialia 155, 350-361, 2018
Boundary micro-cracking in metastable Fe45Mn35Co10Cr10 high-entropy alloys
S Wei, J Kim, CC Tasan
Acta Materialia 168, 76-86, 2019
Microstructural and micro-mechanical characterization during hydrogen charging: An in situ scanning electron microscopy study
J Kim, CC Tasan
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (12), 6333-6343, 2019
Modulation of plastic flow in metallic glasses via nanoscale networks of chemical heterogeneities
J Kim, HS Oh, W Kim, PP Choi, D Raabe, ES Park
Acta Materialia 140, 116-129, 2017
Abnormal devitrification behavior and mechanical response of cold-rolled Mg-rich Mg-Cu-Gd metallic glasses
JI Lee, JW Kim, HS Oh, JS Park, ES Park
Acta Materialia 116, 238–249, 2016
Enhancement of interface anchoring and densification of Y2O3 coating by metal substrate manipulation in aerosol deposition process
J Kim, JI Lee, DS Park, ES Park
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (1), 014903, 2015
Origin of micrometer-scale dislocation motion during hydrogen desorption
M Koyama, SM Taheri-Mousavi, H Yan, J Kim, BC Cameron, ...
Science advances 6 (23), eaaz1187, 2020
Hydrogenation-induced lattice expansion and its effects on hydrogen diffusion and damage in Ti–6Al–4V
J Kim, E Plancher, CC Tasan
Acta Materialia 188, 686-696, 2020
Plastic strain-induced sequential martensitic transformation
S Wei, J Kim, JL Cann, R Gholizadeh, N Tsuji, CC Tasan
Scripta Materialia 185, 36-41, 2020
Development of Mo‐Ni‐Si‐B metallic glass with high thermal stability and H versus E ratios
J Kim, JS Kyeong, MH Ham, AM Minor, DH Kim, ES Park
Materials & Design 98, 31-40, 2016
Hydride formation in Ti6Al4V: An in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction study
J Kim, J Kang, CC Tasan
Scripta Materialia 193, 12-16, 2021
Microstructure Evolution and Related Magnetic Properties of Cu-Zr-Al-Gd Phase-Separating Metallic Glasses
SJ Kim, J Kim, ES Park
JOM 70 (6), 988-992, 2018
Development of rare-earth element based high entropy bulk metallic glasses
J Kim, HS Oh, J Kim, ES Park
Journal of Korean Institute of Metals and Materials 56 (1), 14-25, 2018
Roughening improves hydrogen embrittlement resistance of Ti-6Al-4V
J Kim, D Hall, H Yan, Y Shi, S Joseph, S Fearn, RJ Chater, D Dye, ...
Acta Materialia 220, 117304, 2021
Development of Al-Based Metallic Glass Composites Containing Pb-Rich Crystalline 2nd Phase
W Kim, J Kim, JI Lee, ES Park
Korean Journal of Metals and Materials 58 (2), 77-86, 2020
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