Sooraj Puthoor
Sooraj Puthoor
AMD Research
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Heterogeneous system coherence for integrated CPU-GPU systems
J Power, A Basu, J Gu, S Puthoor, BM Beckmann, MD Hill, SK Reinhardt, ...
2013 46th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture …, 2013
Adaptive GPU cache bypassing
Y Tian, S Puthoor, JL Greathouse, BM Beckmann, DA Jiménez
Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on General Purpose Processing using GPUS, 25-35, 2015
Lost in abstraction: Pitfalls of analyzing gpus at the intermediate language level
A Gutierrez, BM Beckmann, A Dutu, J Gross, M LeBeane, J Kalamatianos, ...
2018 IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture …, 2018
Implementing directed acyclic graphs with the heterogeneous system architecture
S Puthoor, AM Aji, S Che, M Daga, W Wu, BM Beckmann, G Rodgers
Proceedings of the 9th Annual Workshop on General Purpose Processing using …, 2016
A taxonomy of gpgpu performance scaling
A Majumdar, G Wu, K Dev, JL Greathouse, I Paul, W Huang, ...
2015 IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization, 118-119, 2015
Heterogeneous graphics processing unit for scheduling thread groups for execution on variable width SIMD units
JL Greathouse, MR Meswani, S Puthoor, D Yudanov, JM O'connor
US Patent 10,713,059, 2020
Oversubscribed command queues in GPUs
S Puthoor, X Tang, J Gross, BM Beckmann
Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on General Purpose GPUs, 50-60, 2018
Conversation mirror/intercom
SP Dykstra
US Patent 6,690,803, 2004
Optimizing GPU cache policies for MI workloads
J Alsop, MD Sinclair, S Bharadwaj, A Dutu, A Gutierrez, O Kayiran, ...
2019 IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization (IISWC), 243-248, 2019
Managing cache coherence using information in a page table
A Basu, BM Beckmann, S Che, S Puthoor
US Patent 10,019,377, 2018
Software assisted hardware cache coherence for heterogeneous processors
A Basu, S Puthoor, S Che, BM Beckmann
Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Memory Systems, 279-288, 2016
Hardware accelerated dynamic work creation on a graphics processing unit
A Gutierrez, S Puthoor
US Patent App. 16/134,695, 2020
A case for scoped persist barriers in gpus
D Gope, A Basu, S Puthoor, M Meswani
Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on General Purpose GPUs, 2-12, 2018
Method and apparatus for inter-lane thread migration
B Beckmann, S Puthoor
US Patent 10,409,610, 2019
AMD gem5 APU simulator: Modeling GPU s Using the Machine ISA
A Gutierrez, BM Beckmann, S Puthoor, MD Sinclair, T Ta, X Zhang
Tutorial at International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2018
Dynamic wavefront creation for processing units using a hybrid compactor
S Puthoor, BM Beckmann, D Yudanov
US Patent 9,898,287, 2018
Compiler assisted coalescing
S Puthoor, MH Lipasti
Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Parallel Architectures …, 2018
Predicting a context portion to move between a context buffer and registers based on context portions previously used by at least one other thread
D Yudanov, S Blagodurov, A Basu, S Puthoor, JL Greathouse
US Patent 10,019,283, 2018
System performance management using prioritized compute units
Z Wang, S Puthoor, BM Beckmann
US Patent App. 14/755,401, 2017
Systems-on-Chip with Strong Ordering
S Puthoor, MH Lipasti
ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization 18 (1), 2021
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