Feilong Ma
Feilong Ma
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A computational model of shared fine-scale structure in the human connectome
JS Guntupalli, M Feilong, JV Haxby
PLOS Computational Biology 14 (4), e1006120, 2018
Hyperalignment: Modeling shared information encoded in idiosyncratic cortical topographies
JV Haxby, JS Guntupalli, SA Nastase, M Feilong
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Reliable individual differences in fine-grained cortical functional architecture
M Feilong, SA Nastase, JS Guntupalli, JV Haxby
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Modeling semantic encoding in a common neural representational space
CE Van Uden, SA Nastase, AC Connolly, M Feilong, I Hansen, MI Gobbini, ...
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The gray matter volume of the amygdala is correlated with the perception of melodic intervals: a voxel-based morphometry study
X Li, AD Beuckelaer, J Guo, F Ma, M Xu, J Liu
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Predicting individual face-selective topography using naturalistic stimuli
G Jiahui, M Feilong, MV di Oleggio Castello, JS Guntupalli, V Chauhan, ...
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The neural basis of intelligence in fine-grained cortical topographies
M Feilong, JS Guntupalli, JV Haxby
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Hybrid Hyperalignment: A single high-dimensional model of shared information embedded in cortical patterns of response and functional connectivity
EL Busch, L Slipski, M Feilong, JS Guntupalli, MV di Oleggio Castello, ...
NeuroImage 233, 117975, 2021
Neurocognitive mechanisms of poor social connection in posttraumatic stress disorder: Evidence for abnormalities in social working memory
LM Sippel, PE Holtzheimer, JF Huckins, E Collier, M Feilong, T Wheatley, ...
Depression and anxiety 38 (6), 615-625, 2021
Fine-scale individual differences revealed by hyperalignment
F Ma, JS Guntupalli, SA Nastase, JV Haxby
Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 2018
Decoding the neural representation of observed social and nonsocial human actions
SA Nastase, RE Philip, V Chauhan, F Ma, MK Taylor, S Tang, ...
Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 2018
Hyperalignment improves prediction of fluid intelligence from functional connectivity
F Ma, JS Guntupalli, JV Haxby
Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 2017
Hyperalignment increases reliability and consistency of individual differences in brain responses
F Ma, JS Guntupalli, JV Haxby
Society for Neuroscience, 2016
The Gray Matter Volume of the Amygdala Is Correlated with the Perception of Melodic Intervals: A
X Li, AD Beuckelaer, J Guo, F Ma, M Xu
of fMRI Data using Spatial Brain Information?
A Andreella, M Feilong, Y Halchenko, J Haxby, L Finos
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