Sung Min Ha
Introducing EzBioCloud: a taxonomically united database of 16S rRNA gene sequences and whole-genome assemblies
SH Yoon, SM Ha, S Kwon, J Lim, Y Kim, H Seo, J Chun
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 67 (5), 1613, 2017
A large-scale evaluation of algorithms to calculate average nucleotide identity
SH Yoon, SM Ha, J Lim, S Kwon, J Chun
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UBCG: up-to-date bacterial core gene set and pipeline for phylogenomic tree reconstruction
SI Na, YO Kim, SH Yoon, H Sung-min, I Baek, J Chun
The Journal of Microbiology 56 (4), 281-285, 2018
ContEst16S: an algorithm that identifies contaminated prokaryotic genomes using 16S RNA gene sequences
I Lee, M Chalita, SM Ha, SI Na, SH Yoon, J Chun
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 67 (6 …, 2017
EzEditor: a versatile sequence alignment editor for both rRNA-and protein-coding genes
YS Jeon, K Lee, SC Park, BS Kim, YJ Cho, SM Ha, J Chun
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 64 (Pt_2 …, 2014
Metagenomic insights into the bioaerosols in the indoor and outdoor environments of childcare facilities
SK Shin, J Kim, S Ha, HS Oh, J Chun, J Sohn, H Yi
PLoS One 10 (5), e0126960, 2015
Application of the Whole Genome-Based Bacterial Identification System, TrueBac ID, Using Clinical Isolates That Were Not Identified With Three Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption …
H Sung-min, K Chang Ki, R Juhye, B Jung-Hyun, Y Seung-Jo, C Seon-Bin, ...
Ann Lab Med. 39 (6), 530-536, 2019
Genomic characterization of Nocardia seriolae strains isolated from diseased fish.
H Hyun-Ja, K Min-Jung, H Sung-min, Y Seung-Jo, K Jin Do, C Kyung-hee, ...
Microbiologyopen 8 (3), e00656, 2018
Comparative genomic analysis of the 2016 Vibrio cholerae outbreak in South Korea
S Ha, M Chalita, SJ Yang, SH Yoon, K Cho, WK Seong, S Hong, J Kim, ...
Frontiers in public health 7, 228, 2019
Genome sequence of Mycobacterium yongonense RT 955-2015 isolate from a patient misdiagnosed with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: First clinical detection in Tanzania
NP Mnyambwa, DJ Kim, E Ngadaya, J Chun, S Ha, P Petrucka, KK Addo, ...
International Journal of Infectious Diseases 71, 82-88, 2018
PharmOmics: a species-and tissue-specific drug signature database and online tool for drug repurposing
YW Chen, G Diamante, J Ding, TX Nghiem, J Yang, S Ha, P Cohn, ...
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Improved metagenomic taxonomic profiling using a curated core gene-based bacterial database reveals unrecognized species in the genus Streptococcus
M Chalita, S Ha, YO Kim, HS Oh, SH Yoon, J Chun
Pathogens 9 (3), 204, 2020
Genome-based reclassification of Paenibacillus jamilae Aguilera et al. 2001 as a later heterotypic synonym of Paenibacillus polymyxa (Prazmowski 1880) Ash et al. 1994
MJ Kwak, SB Choi, SM Ha, EH Kim, BY Kim, J Chun
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 70 (5 …, 2020
Mergeomics 2.0: a web server for multi-omics data integration to elucidate disease networks and predict therapeutics
D Jessica, B Montgomery, N Thien, H Sung-min, C Yen-Wei, L Gaoyan, ...
Nucleic Acid Research, 2021
Isolation of a novel species in the genus Cupriavidus from a patient with sepsis using whole genome sequencing
OJ Kweon, YK Lim, HR Kim, TH Kim, S Ha, MK Lee
PloS one 15 (5), e0232850, 2020
VCGIDB: A Database and Web Resource for the Genomic Islands from Vibrio cholerae
YJ Hur, M Chalita, S Ha, I Baek, J Chun
Pathogens 8 (4), 261, 2019
VicPred: A Vibrio cholerae Genotype Prediction Tool
I Lee, S Ha, M Baek, DW Kim, H Yi, J Chun
Frontiers in Microbiology, 2474, 2021
Using a public database of Neisseria gonorrhoeae genomes to detect mutations associated with zoliflodacin resistance
PC Adamson, EY Lin, SM Ha, JD Klausner
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 2021
A Novel Species of the Genus Arsenicicoccus Isolated From Human Blood Using Whole-Genome Sequencing
JH Jeong, OJ Kweon, HR Kim, TH Kim, S Ha, MK Lee
Annals of Laboratory Medicine 41 (3), 323-327, 2021
Current Aspects of Clonal Hematopoiesis: Implications for Clinical Diagnosis
SM Ha, CK Kim, J Roh, JH Byun, SJ Yang, SB Choi, J Chun, D Yong, ...
Annals of Laboratory Medicine 39 (6), 530-536, 2019
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