Byeonggwan Kim
Byeonggwan Kim
CNRS, Yonsei University
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Flexible PEDOT electrodes with large thermoelectric power factors to generate electricity by the touch of fingertips
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Highly efficient, iodine‐free dye‐sensitized solar cells with solid‐state synthesis of conducting polymers
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Shape-adaptable 2D titanium carbide (MXene) heater
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Enhanced Performance of I2‐Free Solid‐State Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells with Conductive Polymer up to 6.8%
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Photothermally activated pyroelectric polymer films for harvesting of solar heat with a hybrid energy cell structure
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Dendrimer porphyrin-coated gold nanoshells for the synergistic combination of photodynamic and photothermal therapy
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Visible to near-IR electrochromism and photothermal effect of poly (3, 4-propylenedioxyselenophene) s
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Reversible full‐color generation with patterned yellow electrochromic polymers
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Superhydrophobic, reversibly elastic, moldable, and electrospun (SupREME) fibers with multimodal functions: from oil absorbents to local drug delivery adjuvants
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Robust high thermoelectric harvesting under a self‐humidifying bilayer of metal organic framework and hydrogel layer
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Construction of a photothermal Venus flytrap from conductive polymer bimorphs
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Enhanced Device Efficiency of Bilayered Inverted Organic Solar Cells Based on Photocurable P3HTs with a Light‐Harvesting ZnO Nanorod Array
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Molecular Engineering of Organic Sensitizers with Planar Bridging Units for Efficient Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells
K Lim, MJ Ju, J Na, H Choi, MY Song, B Kim, K Song, JS Yu, E Kim, J Ko
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (29), 9442-9446, 2013
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