Eric Diller
Eric Diller
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto
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Biomedical applications of untethered mobile milli/microrobots
M Sitti, H Ceylan, W Hu, J Giltinan, M Turan, S Yim, E Diller
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Untethered micro-robotic coding of three-dimensional material composition
S Tasoglu, E Diller, S Guven, M Sitti, U Demirci
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Independent control of multiple magnetic microrobots in three dimensions
E Diller, J Giltinan, M Sitti
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Three‐Dimensional Programmable Assembly by Untethered Magnetic Robotic Micro‐Grippers
E Diller, M Sitti
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Control of Multiple Heterogeneous Magnetic Microrobots in Two Dimensions on Nonspecialized Surfaces
E Diller, S Floyd, C Pawashe, M Sitti
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Micro-scale mobile robotics
E Diller, M Sitti
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Millimeter-scale flexible robots with programmable three-dimensional magnetization and motions
T Xu, J Zhang, M Salehizadeh, O Onaizah, E Diller
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Continuously distributed magnetization profile for millimeter-scale elastomeric undulatory swimming
E Diller, J Zhuang, G Zhan Lum, MR Edwards, M Sitti
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Chemotactic steering of bacteria propelled microbeads
D Kim, A Liu, E Diller, M Sitti
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Six-degree-of-freedom magnetic actuation for wireless microrobotics
E Diller, J Giltinan, GZ Lum, Z Ye, M Sitti
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Assembly and disassembly of magnetic mobile micro-robots towards deterministic 2-D reconfigurable micro-systems
E Diller, C Pawashe, S Floyd, M Sitti
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Remotely addressable magnetic composite micropumps
E Diller, S Miyashita, M Sitti
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Magnetic actuation for full dexterity microrobotic control using rotating permanent magnets
P Ryan, E Diller
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 33 (6), 1398-1409, 2017
Screenbot: Walking inverted using distributed inward gripping
GD Wile, KA Daltorio, ED Diller, LR Palmer, SN Gorb, RE Ritzmann, ...
2008 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2008
Two-agent formation control of magnetic microrobots in two dimensions
M Salehizadeh, E Diller
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Magnetic methods in robotics
JJ Abbott, E Diller, AJ Petruska
Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems 3, 57-90, 2020
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