Minki Jun
Minki Jun
Korea University, Department of Chemistry
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Vertex‐reinforced PtCuCo ternary nanoframes as efficient and stable electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction and the methanol oxidation reaction
T Kwon, M Jun, HY Kim, A Oh, J Park, H Baik, SH Joo, K Lee
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (13), 1706440, 2018
Nanoscale hetero-interfaces between metals and metal compounds for electrocatalytic applications
T Kwon, M Jun, J Joo, K Lee
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (10), 5090-5110, 2019
Reactive nanotemplates for synthesis of highly efficient electrocatalysts: beyond simple morphology transfer
J Kim, M Jun, S Choi, J Jo, K Lee
Nanoscale 11 (43), 20392-20410, 2019
Carbon‐transition metal oxide electrodes: Understanding the role of surface engineering for high energy density supercapacitors
GM Tomboc, BT Gadisa, M Jun, NK Chaudhari, H Kim, K Lee
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 15 (11), 1628-1647, 2020
Pt 2+-Exchanged ZIF-8 nanocube as a solid-state precursor for L1 0-PtZn intermetallic nanoparticles embedded in a hollow carbon nanocage
T Kwon, S Lim, M Jun, M Kang, J Joo, A Oh, H Baik, CS Hong, K Lee
Nanoscale 12 (2), 1118-1127, 2020
Longitudinal Strain Engineering of Cu2–xS by the Juxtaposed Cu5FeS4 Phase in the Cu5FeS4/Cu2–xS/Cu5FeS4 Nanosandwich
J Park, S Lim, T Kwon, M Jun, A Oh, H Baik, K Lee
Chemistry of Materials 31 (21), 9070-9077, 2019
Catalytic Nanoframes and Beyond
T Kwon, M Jun, K Lee
Advanced Materials, 2001345, 2020
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