Joshua T. Smith
Joshua T. Smith
Research Staff Member, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center의 이메일 확인됨
Nanoscale lateral displacement arrays for the separation of exosomes and colloids down to 20 nm
YA BH Wunsch, JT Smith, SM Gifford, C Wang, M Brink, RL Bruce, RH Austin, G ...
Nature Nanotechnology 11, 936-940, 2016
Reducing Contact Resistance in Graphene Devices through Contact Area Patterning
JT Smith, AD Franklin, DB Farmer, CD Dimitrakopoulos
ACS nano 7 (4), 3661–3667, 2013
Carbon nanotube complementary wrap-gate transistors
AD Franklin, SO Koswatta, DB Farmer, JT Smith, L Gignac, CM Breslin, ...
Nano letters 13 (6), 2490-2495, 2013
exRNA Atlas Analysis Reveals Distinct Extracellular RNA Cargo Types and Their Carriers Present across Human Biofluids
OD Murillo, W Thistlethwaite, J Rozowsky, SL Subramanian, R Lucero, ...
Cell 177 (2), 463-477. e15, 2019
Integrated nanoscale deterministic lateral displacement arrays for separation of extracellular vesicles from clinically-relevant volumes of biological samples
JT Smith, BH Wunsch, N Dogra, ME Ahsen, K Lee, KK Yadav, R Weil, ...
Lab on a Chip 18 (24), 3913-3925, 2018
Fixed-Gap Tunnel Junction for Reading DNA Nucleotides
SL P Pang, BA Ashcroft, W Song, P Zhang, S Biswas, Q Qing, J Yang, RJ ...
ACS Nano 8 (12), 11994–12003, 2014
Silicon nanowire tunneling field-effect transistor arrays: Improving subthreshold performance using excimer laser annealing
JT Smith, C Sandow, S Das, RA Minamisawa, S Mantl, J Appenzeller
Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on 58 (7), 1822-1829, 2011
Broken flow symmetry explains the dynamics of small particles in deterministic lateral displacement arrays
SC Kim, BH Wunsch, H Hu, JT Smith, RH Austin, G Stolovitzky
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (26), E5034-E5041, 2017
Transport Modulation in Ge/Si Core/Shell Nanowires through Controlled Synthesis of Doped Si Shells
Y Zhao, JT Smith, J Appenzeller, C Yang
Nano letters 11 (4), 1406, 2011
Broken-gap tunnel MOSFET: A constant-slope sub-60-mV/decade transistor
JT Smith, S Das, J Appenzeller
IEEE Electron Device Letters 32 (10), 1367-1369, 2011
Highly ordered diamond and hybrid triangle-diamond patterns in porous anodic alumina thin films
JT Smith, Q Hang, AD Franklin, DB Janes, TD Sands
Applied Physics Letters 93 (4), 043108-043108-3, 2008
Controlled decoration of single-walled carbon nanotubes with Pd nanocubes
AD Franklin, JT Smith, T Sands, TS Fisher, KS Choi, DB Janes
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (37), 13756-13762, 2007
Hydrodynamics of Diamond-Shaped Gradient Nanopillar Arrays for Effective DNA Translocation into Nanochannels
YA C Wang, RL Bruce, EA Duch, JV Patel, JT Smith
ACS Nano 9 (2), 1206-1218, 2015
Scalable and fully self-aligned n-type carbon nanotube transistors with gate-all-around
AD Franklin, SO Koswatta, D Farmer, GS Tulevski, JT Smith, H Miyazoe, ...
Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2012 IEEE International, 4.5. 1-4.5. 4, 2012
Gel-on-a-chip: continuous, velocity-dependent DNA separation using nanoscale lateral displacement
BH Wunsch, SC Kim, SM Gifford, Y Astier, C Wang, RL Bruce, JV Patel, ...
Lab on a Chip, 2019
Vertical stacking of graphene in a field-effect transistor
DB Farmer, AD Franklin, S Oida, JT Smith
US Patent 8,809,837, 2014
Contacts-first self-aligned carbon nanotube transistor with gate-all-around
AD Franklin, SJ Han, JT Smith, PM Solomon
US Patent 8,674,412, 2014
Carbon nanotube devices with unzipped low-resistance contacts
DB Farmer, AD Franklin, JT Smith, GS Tulevski
US Patent 9,040,364, 2015
Gate-all-around carbon nanotube transistor with selectively doped spacers
AD Franklin, SO Koswatta, JT Smith
US Patent 9,000,499, 2015
Deterministic Lateral Displacement: Challenges and Perspectives
A Hochstetter, R Vernekar, RH Austin, H Becker, JP Beech, DA Fedosov, ...
ACS nano, 2020
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