Indu Dhiman
Indu Dhiman
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Enhancement in multiferroic properties of Bi0. 7− xLaxDy0. 3FeO3 system with removal of La
K Prashanthi, BA Chalke, KC Barick, A Das, I Dhiman, VR Palkar
Solid State Communications 149 (5-6), 188-191, 2009
Influence of A-site ionic radii on the magnetic structure of charge-ordered manganites
I Dhiman, A Das, PK Mishra, L Panicker
Physical Review B 77 (9), 094440, 2008
Dynamic lithium distribution upon dendrite growth and shorting revealed by operando neutron imaging
B Song, I Dhiman, JC Carothers, GM Veith, J Liu, HZ Bilheux, A Huq
ACS Energy Letters 4 (10), 2402-2408, 2019
Magnetic, magnetocaloric and neutron diffraction studies on TbNi5− xMx (M= Co and Fe) compounds
A Haldar, I Dhiman, A Das, KG Suresh, AK Nigam
Journal of alloys and compounds 509 (9), 3760-3765, 2011
The structural and magnetic ordering in La0. 5− xNdxCa0. 5MnO3 (0.1≤ x≤ 0.5) manganites
I Dhiman, A Das, PK Mishra, NP Lalla, A Kumar
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 323 (6), 748-757, 2011
Influence of B-site disorder in La0. 5Ca0. 5Mn1− xBxO3 (B= Fe, Ru, Al and Ga) manganites
I Dhiman, A Das, AK Nigam, U Gasser
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (24), 246006, 2011
Structural, electrical, magnetic and microstructural behavior of the La0. 7Sr0. 3− xHgxMnO3 (0≤ x≤ 0.3) system
V Shelke, A Das, I Dhiman, R Yadav, S Khatarkar, A Anshul, RK Singh
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (39), 395218, 2008
Effect of B-site doping in (La0. 3Pr0. 7) 0.65 Ca0. 35Mn1− xBxO3 (B= Fe, Cr, Ru and Al) manganites
I Dhiman, A Das, AK Nigam, RK Kremer
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 334, 21-30, 2013
Diffuse neutron scattering study of magnetic correlations in half-doped manganites (, 0.3, and 0.4)
I Dhiman, A Das, R Mittal, Y Su, A Kumar, A Radulescu
Physical Review B 81 (10), 104423, 2010
Effect of molecular shape on rotation under severe confinement
I Dhiman, D Bhowmik, UR Shrestha, DR Cole, S Gautam
Chemical Engineering Science 180, 33-41, 2018
Transport and magnetic properties of Fe doped CaMnO3
Neetika, A Das, I Dhiman, AK Nigam, AK Yadav, D Bhattacharyya, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (12), 123913, 2012
Quantifying root water extraction after drought recovery using sub-mm in situ empirical data
I Dhiman, H Bilheux, K DeCarlo, SL Painter, L Santodonato, JM Warren
Plant and Soil 424 (1), 73-89, 2018
Pressure effects on the magnetic structure in manganites
I Dhiman, T Strässle, L Keller, B Padmanabhan, A Das
Physical Review B 81 (10), 104424, 2010
Imbibition of mixed-charge surfactant fluids in shale fractures
S Das, J Adeoye, I Dhiman, HZ Bilheux, BR Ellis
Energy & Fuels 33 (4), 2839-2847, 2019
Setup for polarized neutron imaging using in situ 3He cells at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory High Flux Isotope Reactor CG-1D beamline
I Dhiman, R Ziesche, T Wang, H Bilheux, L Santodonato, X Tong, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 88 (9), 095103, 2017
Structural and magnetic ordering in La0. 5Ca0. 5− xBaxMnO3 (0< x≤ 0.5) manganite
I Dhiman, A Das, AK Nigam
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21 (38), 386002, 2009
Study of CeNi4Mn by neutron diffraction
I Dhiman, A Das, SK Dhar, P Raychaudhuri, S Singh, P Manfrinetti
Solid state communications 141 (3), 160-163, 2007
Spontaneous imbibition of a wetting fluid into a fracture with opposing fractal surfaces: Theory and experimental validation
JW Brabazon, E Perfect, CH Gates, LJ Santodonato, I Dhiman, HZ Bilheux, ...
Fractals 27 (01), 1940001, 2019
Structural and magnetic properties of La0. 85Ca0. 15Mn1− xCrxO3
S Mollah, I Dhiman, A Das
Materials Letters 65 (5), 922-925, 2011
Influence of molecular shape on self-diffusion under severe confinement: A molecular dynamics study
I Dhiman, UR Shrestha, D Bhowmik, DR Cole, S Gautam
Chemical Physics 516, 92-102, 2019
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