David M Oliver
David M Oliver
Associate Professor in Catchment Science, University of Stirling
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Microbial hitchhikers on marine plastic debris: human exposure risks at bathing waters and beach environments
A Keswani, DM Oliver, T Gutierrez, RS Quilliam
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Valuing local knowledge as a source of expert data: farmer engagement and the design of decision support systems
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Cattle slurry treatment by screw press separation and chemically enhanced settling: effect on greenhouse gas emissions after land spreading and grass yield
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DM Oliver, PM Haygarth, CD Clegg, AL Heathwaite
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DM Oliver, KDH Porter, YA Pachepsky, RW Muirhead, SM Reaney, ...
Science of the Total Environment 544, 39-47, 2016
Seaweeds and plastic debris can influence the survival of faecal indicator organisms in beach environments
RS Quilliam, J Jamieson, DM Oliver
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DM Oliver, RD Fish, CJ Hodgson, AL Heathwaite, DR Chadwick, M Winter
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 129 (4), 401-412, 2009
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