Monika Markowska
Monika Markowska
Post Doctoral researcher, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
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Dripwater organic matter and trace element geochemistry in a semi-arid karst environment: Implications for speleothem paleoclimatology
H Rutlidge, A Baker, CE Marjo, MS Andersen, PW Graham, MO Cuthbert, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 135, 217-230, 2014
Unsaturated zone hydrology and cave drip discharge water response: Implications for speleothem paleoclimate record variability
M Markowska, A Baker, PC Treble, MS Andersen, S Hankin, CN Jex, ...
Journal of Hydrology 529, 662-675, 2015
Semi-arid zone caves: Evaporation and hydrological controls on δ18O drip water composition and implications for speleothem paleoclimate reconstructions
M Markowska, A Baker, MS Andersen, CN Jex, MO Cuthbert, GC Rau, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 131, 285-301, 2016
Evaporative cooling of speleothem drip water
MO Cuthbert, GC Rau, MS Andersen, H Roshan, H Rutlidge, CE Marjo, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-7, 2014
ENSO–cave drip water hydrochemical relationship: a 7-year dataset from south-eastern Australia
CV Tadros, PC Treble, A Baker, I Fairchild, S Hankin, R Roach, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 (11), 4625-4640, 2016
Evaluating model outputs using integrated global speleothem records of climate change since the last glacial
L Comas-Bru, SP Harrison, M Werner, K Rehfeld, N Scroxton, ...
Climate of the Past 15 (4), 1557-1579, 2019
Estimation of deep infiltration in unsaturated limestone environments using cave lidar and drip count data
K Mahmud, G Mariethoz, A Baker, PC Treble, M Markowska, E McGuire
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 (1), 359-373, 2016
Controls on cave drip water temperature and implications for speleothem-based paleoclimate reconstructions
GC Rau, MO Cuthbert, MS Andersen, A Baker, H Rutlidge, M Markowska, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 127, 19-36, 2015
Organic characterisation of cave drip water by LC-OCD and fluorescence analysis
H Rutlidge, MS Andersen, A Baker, KJ Chinu, MO Cuthbert, CN Jex, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 166, 15-28, 2015
An irrigation experiment to compare soil, water and speleothem tetraether membrane lipid distributions
A Baker, CN Jex, H Rutlidge, M Woltering, AJ Blyth, MS Andersen, ...
Organic Geochemistry 94, 12-20, 2016
Modelling the 14C bomb-pulse in young speleothems using a soil carbon continuum model
M Markowska, J Fohlmeister, PC Treble, A Baker, MS Andersen, Q Hua
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 261, 342-367, 2019
Modern speleothem oxygen isotope hydroclimate records in water-limited SE Australia
M Markowska, MO Cuthbert, A Baker, PC Treble, MS Andersen, L Adler, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 270, 431-448, 2020
Reconstructing past environmental change at Yarrangobilly Caves
PC Treble, M Markowska, CV Tadros, CN Jex, K Coleborn, J Dredge, ...
Caves and karst of Yarrangobilly, Sydney Speleological Society Occasional …, 2016
Estimation of deep infiltration in unsaturated limestone environments using cave LiDAR and drip count data.
K Mahmud, G Mariethoz, A Baker, PC Treble, M Markowska, E McGuire
Hydrology & Earth System Sciences Discussions 12 (9), 2015
Determining the Pace and Magnitude of Lake Level Changes in Southern Ethiopia Over the Last 20,000 Years Using Lake Balance Modeling and SEBAL
ML Fischer, M Markowska, F Bachofer, VE Foerster, A Asrat, C Zielhofer, ...
Frontiers in Earth Science 8 (197), 2020
Isotope ratio infrared spectroscopy analysis of water samples without memory effects
S De Graaf, HB Vonhof, EJ Levy, M Markowska, GH Haug
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 35 (8), e9055, 2021
Quantification of the hydrological control on speleothem oxygen isotopic variability
P Treble, A Baker, JC Hellstrom, N Abram, J Crawford, M Gagan, ...
EarthArXiv, 2021
Historical droughts in Southeast Australia recorded in a New South Wales stalagmite
N Scroxton, M Walczak, M Markowska, J Zhao, S Fallon
The Holocene 31 (4), 607-617, 2021
The uranium isotopic composition of modern stromatolites forming in Shark Bay, Western Australia
AN Martin, M Markowska, AR Chivas, S Weyer
EGU21, 2021
Modern sedimentation and authigenic mineral formation in the Chew Bahir Basin, southern Ethiopia: implications for interpretation of Late Quaternary paleoclimate records
D Gebregiorgis, DM Deocampo, VE Foerster, FJ Longstaffe, F Schaebitz, ...
Frontiers in Earth Science 9, 244, 2021
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