Prof. Cédric Pradalier
Prof. Cédric Pradalier
GeorgiaTech Lorraine, UMI2958 GT-CNRS, Metz
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Bayesian occupancy filtering for multitarget tracking: an automotive application
C Coué, C Pradalier, C Laugier, T Fraichard, P Bessière
The International Journal of Robotics Research 25 (1), 19-30, 2006
Toward automated driving in cities using close-to-market sensors: An overview of the v-charge project
P Furgale, U Schwesinger, M Rufli, W Derendarz, H Grimmett, ...
2013 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), 809-816, 2013
Real-time moving obstacle detection using optical flow models
C Braillon, C Pradalier, JL Crowley, C Laugier
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Robust trajectory tracking for a reversing tractor trailer
C Pradalier, K Usher
Journal of Field Robotics 25 (6‐7), 378-399, 2008
The CyCab: a car-like robot navigating autonomously and safely among pedestrians
C Pradalier, J Hermosillo, C Koike, C Braillon, P Bessière, C Laugier
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Autonomous inland water monitoring: Design and application of a surface vessel
G Hitz, F Pomerleau, ME Garneau, C Pradalier, T Posch, J Pernthaler, ...
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Tangible and modular input device for character articulation
A Jacobson, D Panozzo, O Glauser, C Pradalier, O Hilliges, ...
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Visual Homing From Scale With an Uncalibrated Omnidirectional Camera
M Liu, C Pradalier, R Siegwart
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Scene recognition with omnidirectional vision for topological map using lightweight adaptive descriptors
M Liu, D Scaramuzza, C Pradalier, R Siegwart, Q Chen
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Experiments in autonomous reversing of a tractor-trailer system
C Pradalier, K Usher
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Robotics Research: The 14th International Symposium ISRR
C Pradalier, G Hirzinger, R Siegwart
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Fully autonomous focused exploration for robotic environmental monitoring
G Hitz, A Gotovos, MÉ Garneau, C Pradalier, A Krause, RY Siegwart
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H Erckens, GA Beusser, C Pradalier, RY Siegwart
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Robust vision‐based underwater homing using self‐similar landmarks
A Negre, C Pradalier, M Dunbabin
Journal of Field Robotics 25 (6‐7), 360-377, 2008
A FFT-based formulation for efficient mechanical fields computation in isotropic and anisotropic periodic discrete dislocation dynamics
N Bertin, MV Upadhyay, C Pradalier, L Capolungo
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 23 (6), 065009, 2015
Vehicle detection and car park mapping using laser scanner
CTM Keat, C Pradalier, C Laugier
2005 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2005
A statistical analysis of the influence of microstructure and twin–twin junctions on twin nucleation and twin growth in Zr
PA Juan, C Pradalier, S Berbenni, RJ McCabe, CN Tomé, L Capolungo
Acta Materialia 95, 399-410, 2015
Walking and crawling with ALoF: a robot for autonomous locomotion on four legs
CD Remy, O Baur, M Latta, A Lauber, M Hutter, MA Hoepflinger, ...
Industrial Robot: An International Journal, 2011
Obstacles avoidance for car-like robots: integration and experimentation on two robots
O Lefebvre, F Lamiraux, C Pradalier, T Fraichard
Robotics and Automation, 2004. Proceedings. ICRA'04. 2004 IEEE International …, 2004
Aircraft collision avoidance using spherical visual predictive control and single point features
A Mcfadyen, L Mejias, P Corke, C Pradalier
2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 50-56, 2013
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