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Detection of breast cancer with ultrasound tomography: First results with the Computed Ultrasound Risk Evaluation (CURE) prototype
N Duric, P Littrup, L Poulo, A Babkin, R Pevzner, E Holsapple, O Rama, ...
Medical physics 34 (2), 773-785, 2007
Field testing of fiber-optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) for subsurface seismic monitoring
TM Daley, BM Freifeld, J Ajo-Franklin, S Dou, R Pevzner, V Shulakova, ...
The Leading Edge 32 (6), 699-706, 2013
Safe storage and effective monitoring of CO2 in depleted gas fields
CR Jenkins, PJ Cook, J Ennis-King, J Undershultz, C Boreham, T Dance, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (2), E35-E41, 2012
Development of ultrasound tomography for breast imaging: Technical assessment
N Duric, P Littrup, A Babkin, D Chambers, S Azevedo, A Kalinin, ...
Medical Physics 32 (5), 1375-1386, 2005
Repeatability analysis of land time‐lapse seismic data: CO2CRC Otway pilot project case study
R Pevzner, V Shulakova, A Kepic, M Urosevic
Geophysical prospecting 59 (1), 66-77, 2011
Analysis of signal to noise and directivity characteristics of DAS VSP at near and far offsets—A CO2CRC Otway Project data example
J Correa, A Egorov, K Tertyshnikov, A Bona, R Pevzner, T Dean, ...
The Leading Edge 36 (12), 994a1-994a7, 2017
4D surface seismic tracks small supercritical CO2 injection into the subsurface: CO2CRC Otway Project
R Pevzner, M Urosevic, D Popik, V Shulakova, K Tertyshnikov, E Caspari, ...
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 63, 150-157, 2017
Evolution of a coquina barrier in Shark Bay, Australia by GPR imaging: Architecture of a Holocene reservoir analog
R Jahnert, O De Paula, L Collins, E Strobach, R Pevzner
Sedimentary Geology 281, 59-74, 2012
Time-lapse seismic monitoring of CO 2 injection into a depleted gas reservoir—Naylor Field, Australia
M Urosevic, R Pevzner, A Kepic, P Wisman, V Shulakova, S Sharma
The Leading Edge 29 (2), 164-169, 2010
Seismic monitoring of CO 2 injection into a depleted gas reservoir–Otway Basin Pilot Project, Australia
M Urosevic, R Pevzner, V Shulakova, A Kepic, E Caspari, S Sharma
Energy Procedia 4, 3550-3557, 2011
Integrated geological and geophysical studies in the SG4 borehole area, Tagil Volcanic Arc, Middle Urals: Location of seismic reflectors and source of the reflectivity
P Ayarza, C Juhlin, D Brown, M Beckholmen, G Kimbell, R Pechnig, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978–2012) 105 (B9), 21333-21352, 2000
Seismic monitoring of CO 2 geosequestration: CO2CRC Otway case study using full 4D FDTD approach
S Glubokovskikh, R Pevzner, T Dance, E Caspari, D Popik, V Shulakova, ...
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 49, 201-216, 2016
Surface orbital vibrator (SOV) and fiber-optic DAS: Field demonstration of economical, continuous-land seismic time-lapse monitoring from the Australian CO2CRC Otway site
S Dou, J Ajo-Franklin, T Daley, M Robertson, T Wood, B Freifeld, ...
SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2016, 5552-5556, 2016
Feasibility of Time-lapse Seismic Methodology for Monitoring the Injection of Small Quantities of CO 2 into a Saline Formation, CO2CRC Otway Project
R Pevzner, M Urosevic, E Caspari, RJ Galvin, M Madadi, T Dance, ...
Energy Procedia 37, 4336-4343, 2013
3D diffraction imaging of linear features and its application to seismic monitoring
F Alonaizi, R Pevzner, A Bóna, V Shulakova, B Gurevich
Geophysical Prospecting 61 (6), 1206-1217, 2013
3D Diffraction Imaging of Linear Features and its Application to Seismic Monitoring
A Bona, F Alonaizi, R Pevzner, B Gurevich
75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013, 2013
Burying receivers for improved time-lapse seismic repeatability: CO2CRC Otway field experiment
V Shulakova, R Pevzner, JC Dupuis, M Urosevic, K Tertyshnikov, ...
Geophysical Prospecting 63 (1), 55-69, 2015
Estimation of azimuthal anisotropy from VSP data using multicomponent S-wave velocity analysis
R Pevzner, B Gurevich, M Urosevic
Geophysics 76 (5), D1-D9, 2011
The CO2CRC Otway Project deployment of a distributed acoustic sensing network coupled with permanent rotary sources
BM Freifeld, R Pevzner, S Dou, J Correa, TM Daley, M Robertson, ...
78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2016 2016 (1), 1-5, 2016
How frequency dependency of Q affects spectral ratio estimates
B Gurevich, R Pevzner
Geophysics 80 (2), A39-A44, 2015
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