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Jaekwang Lee
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Investigation on removal of hardness ions by capacitive deionization (CDI) for water softening applications
SJ Seo, H Jeon, JK Lee, GY Kim, D Park, H Nojima, J Lee, SH Moon
Water research 44 (7), 2267-2275, 2010
Insights into an autonomously formed oxygen-evacuated Cu 2 O electrode for the selective production of C 2 H 4 from CO 2
D Kim, S Lee, JD Ocon, B Jeong, JK Lee, J Lee
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (2), 824-830, 2015
Influence of Bi modification of Pt anode catalyst in direct formic acid fuel cells
S Kang, J Lee, JK Lee, SY Chung, Y Tak
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (14), 7270-7274, 2006
Direct formic acid fuel cell portable power system for the operation of a laptop computer
CM Miesse, WS Jung, KJ Jeong, JK Lee, J Lee, J Han, SP Yoon, SW Nam, ...
Journal of Power Sources 162 (1), 532-540, 2006
Ultrafast and stable hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride in methanol and water over Fe–B nanoparticles
JD Ocon, TN Tuan, Y Yi, RL de Leon, JK Lee, J Lee
Journal of power sources 243, 444-450, 2013
Sustainable production of formic acid by electrolytic reduction of gaseous carbon dioxide
S Lee, HK Ju, R Machunda, S Uhm, JK Lee, HJ Lee, J Lee
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (6), 3029-3034, 2015
Influence of Au contents of AuPt anode catalyst on the performance of direct formic acid fuel cell
JK Lee, J Lee, J Han, TH Lim, YE Sung, Y Tak
Electrochimica Acta 53 (9), 3474-3478, 2008
Preparation of cost-effective Pt–Co electrodes by pulse electrodeposition for PEMFC electrocatalysts
S Woo, I Kim, JK Lee, S Bong, J Lee, H Kim
Electrochimica acta 56 (8), 3036-3041, 2011
Influence of underpotentially deposited Sb onto Pt anode surface on the performance of direct formic acid fuel cells
JK Lee, H Jeon, S Uhm, J Lee
Electrochimica acta 53 (21), 6089-6092, 2008
Durable power performance of a direct ash-free coal fuel cell
HK Ju, J Eom, JK Lee, H Choi, TH Lim, RH Song, J Lee
Electrochimica Acta 115, 511-517, 2014
Electrocatalytic activity of Ni nanowires prepared by galvanic electrodeposition for hydrogen evolution reaction
JK Lee, Y Yi, HJ Lee, S Uhm, J Lee
Catalysis Today 146 (1-2), 188-191, 2009
Direct power generation from waste coffee grounds in a biomass fuel cell
H Jang, JD Ocon, S Lee, JK Lee, J Lee
Journal of Power sources 296, 433-439, 2015
Effects of pretreatment on the aluminium etch pit formation
J Lee, J Kim, J Kim, J Lee, H Chung, Y Tak
Corrosion Science 51 (7), 1501-1505, 2009
Sulfonated poly (ether sulfone) for universal polymer electrolyte fuel cell operations
HJ Kim, NN Krishnan, SY Lee, SY Hwang, D Kim, KJ Jeong, JK Lee, ...
Journal of power sources 160 (1), 353-358, 2006
A stable Ni–B catalyst in hydrogen generation via NaBH4 hydrolysis
JK Lee, H Ann, Y Yi, KW Lee, S Uhm, J Lee
Catalysis Communications 16 (1), 120-123, 2011
The influence of a fibrous carbon envelope on the formation of CoFe nanoparticles for durable electrocatalytic oxygen evolution
B Jeong, D Shin, JK Lee, DH Kim, YD Kim, J Lee
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (27), 13807-13813, 2014
Atomic layer deposition of TiO2 nanotubes and its improved electrostatic capacitance
J Lee, HK Ju, JK Lee, HS Kim, J Lee
Electrochemistry communications 12 (2), 210-212, 2010
Electrostatic capacitance of TiO2 nanowires in a porous alumina template
J Lee, J Choi, J Lee, SK Choi, HD Chun
Nanotechnology 16 (9), 1449, 2005
Fast and selective Cu2O nanorod growth into anodic alumina templates via electrodeposition
HK Ju, JK Lee, J Lee, J Lee
Current Applied Physics 12 (1), 60-64, 2012
Influence of copper oxide modification of a platinum cathode on the activity of direct methanol fuel cell
JK Lee, J Choi, SJ Kang, JM Lee, Y Tak, J Lee
Electrochimica acta 52 (6), 2272-2276, 2007
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