Baek Hyun Kim
Baek Hyun Kim
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Surface‐plasmon‐enhanced light‐emitting diodes
MK Kwon, JY Kim, BH Kim, IK Park, CY Cho, CC Byeon, SJ Park
Advanced Materials 20 (7), 1253-1257, 2008
Quantum confinement effect in crystalline silicon quantum dots in silicon nitride grown using and
TW Kim, CH Cho, BH Kim, SJ Park
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Photoluminescence of silicon quantum dots in silicon nitride grown by and
BH Kim, CH Cho, TW Kim, NM Park, GY Sung, SJ Park
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Enhancement of the external quantum efficiency of a silicon quantum dot light‐emitting diode by localized surface plasmons
BH Kim, CH Cho, JS Mun, MK Kwon, TY Park, JS Kim, CC Byeon, J Lee, ...
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Joint stiffness identification of industrial serial robots
C Dumas, S Caro, M Cherif, S Garnier, B Furet
Robotica 30 (4), 649-659, 2012
Effect of hydrogen passivation on charge storage in silicon quantum dots embedded in silicon nitride film
CH Cho, BH Kim, TW Kim, SJ Park, NM Park, GY Sung
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contact to silicon quantum dot light-emitting diodes for the enhancement of carrier injection and light extraction efficiency
BH Kim, CH Cho, SJ Park, NM Park, GY Sung
Applied physics letters 89 (6), 063509, 2006
Thin-film transistors based on ZnO fabricated by using radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
R Navamathavan, JH Lim, DK Hwang, B Kim, J Oh, J Yang, H Kim, S Park, ...
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Electrical and optical characteristics of silicon nanocrystal solar cells
SK Kim, CH Cho, BH Kim, SJ Park, J Won Lee
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Metal catalyst for low-temperature growth of controlled zinc oxide nanowires on arbitrary substrates
BH Kim, JW Kwon
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Investigation of the piezoelectric effect as a means to generate X-rays
B Gall, SD Kovaleski, JA VanGordon, P Norgard, A Benwell, BH Kim, ...
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 41 (1), 106-111, 2012
Room-temperature Coulomb blockade effect in silicon quantum dots in silicon nitride films
CH Cho, BH Kim, SJ Park
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Current status of ultrasonography of the finger
SA Lee, BH Kim, SJ Kim, JN Kim, SY Park, K Choi
Ultrasonography 35 (2), 110, 2016
Size-dependent photocurrent of photodetectors with silicon nanocrystals
SK Kim, BH Kim, CH Cho, SJ Park
Applied Physics Letters 94 (18), 183106, 2009
Application level and BIOS level disaster recovery
GE Sullivan
US Patent 7,203,865, 2007
The effect of localized surface plasmon on the photocurrent of silicon nanocrystal photodetectors
SK Kim, CH Cho, BH Kim, YS Choi, SJ Park, K Lee, S Im
Applied Physics Letters 94 (18), 183108, 2009
Method for Fabrication Light-Emitting Diode using Nanosize Nitride Semiconductor Multiple Quantum Wells
YT Moon, NM Park, BH Kim, Seong-Ju Park
US Patent 6,773,946, 2004
T1rho and T2 mapping of lumbar intervertebral disc: correlation with degeneration and morphologic changes in different disc regions
MA Yoon, SJ Hong, CH Kang, KS Ahn, BH Kim
Magnetic resonance imaging 34 (7), 932-939, 2016
Luminescence of Er-doped amorphous silicon quantum dots
NM Park, TY Kim, SH Kim, GY Sung, KS Cho, JH Shin, BH Kim, SJ Park, ...
Thin Solid Films 475 (1-2), 231-234, 2005
Plasmon-assisted radiolytic energy conversion in aqueous solutions
BH Kim, JW Kwon
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-9, 2014
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