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Xianshu Luo
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Cascaded microresonator-based matrix switch for silicon on-chip optical interconnection
AW Poon, X Luo, F Xu, H Chen
Proceedings of the IEEE 97 (7), 1216-1238, 2009
Silicon photonics: from a microresonator perspective
S Feng, T Lei, H Chen, H Cai, X Luo, AW Poon
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Silicon photonic platforms for mid-infrared applications
T Hu, B Dong, X Luo, TY Liow, J Song, C Lee, GQ Lo
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50-Gb/s silicon optical modulator with traveling-wave electrodes
X Tu, TY Liow, J Song, X Luo, Q Fang, M Yu, GQ Lo
Optics express 21 (10), 12776-12782, 2013
Cavity-enhanced photocurrent generation by wavelengths linear absorption in a p-i-n diode embedded silicon microring resonator
H Chen, X Luo, AW Poon
Applied physics letters 95 (17), 171111, 2009
Cascaded active silicon microresonator array cross-connect circuits for WDM networks-on-chip
AW Poon, F Xu, X Luo
Silicon Photonics III 6898, 689812, 2008
CMOS compatible monolithic multi-layer Si3N4-on-SOI platform for low-loss high performance silicon photonics dense integration
Y Huang, J Song, X Luo, TY Liow, GQ Lo
Optics express 22 (18), 21859-21865, 2014
Efficient silicon nitride grating coupler with distributed Bragg reflectors
H Zhang, C Li, X Tu, J Song, H Zhou, X Luo, Y Huang, M Yu, GQ Lo
Optics Express 22 (18), 21800-21805, 2014
Silicon high-order coupled-microring-based electro-optical switches for on-chip optical interconnects
X Luo, J Song, S Feng, AW Poon, TY Liow, M Yu, GQ Lo, DL Kwong
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24 (10), 821-823, 2012
Monolithically integrated multilayer silicon nitride-on-silicon waveguide platforms for 3-D photonic circuits and devices
WD Sacher, JC Mikkelsen, Y Huang, JCC Mak, Z Yong, X Luo, Y Li, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE 106 (12), 2232-2245, 2018
Tri-layer silicon nitride-on-silicon photonic platform for ultra-low-loss crossings and interlayer transitions
WD Sacher, JC Mikkelsen, P Dumais, J Jiang, D Goodwill, X Luo, ...
Optics express 25 (25), 30862-30875, 2017
U-shaped PN junctions for efficient silicon Mach-Zehnder and microring modulators in the O-band
Z Yong, WD Sacher, Y Huang, JC Mikkelsen, Y Yang, X Luo, P Dumais, ...
Optics express 25 (7), 8425-8439, 2017
Silicon-on-insulator waveguide devices for broadband mid-infrared photonics
B Dong, X Guo, CP Ho, B Li, H Wang, C Lee, X Luo, GQ Lo
IEEE Photonics Journal 9 (3), 1-10, 2017
Novel integration technique for silicon/III-V hybrid laser
P Dong, TC Hu, TY Liow, YK Chen, C Xie, X Luo, GQ Lo, R Kopf, A Tate
Optics express 22 (22), 26854-26861, 2014
High-throughput multiple dies-to-wafer bonding technology and III/V-on-Si hybrid lasers for heterogeneous integration of optoelectronic integrated circuits
X Luo, Y Cao, J Song, X Hu, Y Cheng, C Li, C Liu, TY Liow, M Yu, H Wang, ...
Frontiers in Materials 2, 28, 2015
Electrical tracing-assisted dual-microring label‑free optical bio/chemical sensors
J Song, X Luo, X Tu, MK Park, JS Kee, H Zhang, M Yu, GQ Lo, DL Kwong
Optics express 20 (4), 4189-4197, 2012
Mode-size converter with high coupling efficiency and broad bandwidth
Q Fang, J Song, X Luo, M Yu, G Lo, Y Liu
Optics express 19 (22), 21588-21594, 2011
Reciprocal transmissions and asymmetric modal distributions in waveguide-coupled spiral-shaped microdisk resonators
JY Lee, X Luo, AW Poon
Optics express 15 (22), 14650-14666, 2007
Ultra-compact low loss polarization insensitive silicon waveguide splitter
Z Xiao, X Luo, PH Lim, P Prabhathan, STH Silalahi, TY Liow, J Zhang, ...
Optics express 21 (14), 16331-16336, 2013
Method for forming an optical modulator
JF Song, X Luo, TU Xiaoguang, PGQ Lo, M Yu
US Patent 9,329,415, 2016
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