Seong-je Cho
Seong-je Cho
Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, Dankook University의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Efficient Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprocessor Systems
CHO Seongje, LEE Suk-Kyoon, AHN Sang, LIN Kwei-Jay
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Adapting social spam infrastructure for political censorship
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Comparison of deadline-based scheduling algorithms for periodic real-time tasks on multiprocessor
PARK Minkyu, HAN Sangchul, KIM Heeheon, CHO Seongje, ...
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Predictability of earliest deadline zero laxity algorithm for multiprocessor real-time systems
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Design and performance evaluation of binary code packing for protecting embedded software against reverse engineering
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Rgbdroid: a novel response-based approach to android privilege escalation attacks
Y Park, CH Lee, C Lee, JH Lim, S Han, M Park, SJ Cho
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A kernel-based monitoring approach for analyzing malicious behavior on Android
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Security threat on wearable services: Empirical study using a commercial smartband
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A static birthmark for MS windows applications using import address table
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Efficient identification of bad signatures in RSA-type batch signature
LEE Seungwon, CHO Seongje, CHO Yookun
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Android malware detection based on useful API calls and machine learning
J Jung, H Kim, D Shin, M Lee, H Lee, S Cho, K Suh
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Protecting data on android platform against privilege escalation attack
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An anti-piracy mechanism based on class separation and dynamic loading for android applications
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Classifying Malicious Web Pages by Using an Adaptive Support Vector Machine.
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Page fault behavior and two prepaging schemes
S Cho, Y Cho
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An Android Security Extension to Protect Personal Information against Illegal Accesses and Privilege Escalation Attacks.
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Analytical prediction of buffer hit ratios
J Choi, S Cho, SH Noh, S Lyul, Y Cho
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An Android Application Protection Scheme against Dynamic Reverse Engineering Attacks.
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Measuring similarity of android applications via reversing and K-gram birthmarking
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J. Wirel. Mob. Networks Ubiquitous Comput. Dependable Appl. 6 (4), 86-98, 2015
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