Jokin Munoa
Jokin Munoa
IDEKO, Member of BRTA
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Chatter suppression techniques in metal cutting
J Munoa, X Beudaert, Z Dombovari, Y Altintas, E Budak, C Brecher, ...
CIRP Annals 65 (2), 785-808, 2016
Optimization of multiple tuned mass dampers to suppress machine tool chatter
Y Yang, J Munoa, Y Altintas
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 50 (9), 834-842, 2010
Analysis of the influence of mill helix angle on chatter stability
M Zatarain, J Munoa, G Peigné, T Insperger
CIRP annals 55 (1), 365-368, 2006
Stability of milling processes with continuous spindle speed variation: analysis in the frequency and time domains, and experimental correlation
M Zatarain, I Bediaga, J Munoa, R Lizarralde
CIRP annals 57 (1), 379-384, 2008
An automatic spindle speed selection strategy to obtain stability in high-speed milling
I Bediaga, J Munoa, J Hernández, LNL De Lacalle
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 49 (5), 384-394, 2009
Chatter suppression in ram type travelling column milling machines using a biaxial inertial actuator
J Munoa, I Mancisidor, N Loix, LG Uriarte, R Barcena, M Zatarain
CIRP Annals 62 (1), 407-410, 2013
Ball bearing damage detection using traditional signal processing algorithms
I Bediaga, X Mendizabal, A Arnaiz, J Munoa
IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine 16 (2), 20-25, 2013
Active suppression of structural chatter vibrations using machine drives and accelerometers
J Munoa, X Beudaert, K Erkorkmaz, A Iglesias, A Barrios, M Zatarain
CIRP Annals 64 (1), 385-388, 2015
Identification of cutting force characteristics based on chatter experiments
G Stepan, Z Dombovari, J Munoa
CIRP annals 60 (1), 113-116, 2011
Cylindrical milling tools: Comparative real case study for process stability
G Stépán, J Munoa, T Insperger, M Surico, D Bachrathy, Z Dombóvári
CIRP Annals 63 (1), 385-388, 2014
Unstable islands in the stability chart of milling processes due to the helix angle
T Insperger, J Munoa, M Zatarain, G Peigné
CIRP 2nd International Conference on High Performance Cutting, Vancouver …, 2006
Analysis of directional factors in milling: importance of multi-frequency calculation and of the inclusion of the effect of the helix angle
M Zatarain, I Bediaga, J Muñoa, T Insperger
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 47 (5-8), 535-542, 2010
General milling stability model for cylindrical tools
Z Dombovari, J Munoa, G Stepan
Procedia CIRP 4, 90-97, 2012
Receptance coupling for tool point dynamic prediction by fixed boundaries approach
I Mancisidor, A Urkiola, R Barcena, J Munoa, Z Dombovari, M Zatarain
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 78, 18-29, 2014
Optimisation of face milling operations with structural chatter using a stability model based process planning methodology
A Iglesias, J Munoa, J Ciurana
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 70 (1-4), 559-571, 2014
Analytical expressions for chatter analysis in milling operations with one dominant mode
A Iglesias, J Munoa, J Ciurana, Z Dombóvári, G Stépán
Journal of Sound and Vibration 375, 403-421, 2016
Interaction between multiple modes in milling processes
J Munoa, Z Dombovari, I Mancisidor, Y Yang, M Zatarain
Machining Science and Technology 17 (2), 165-180, 2013
Design of self-tuneable mass damper for modular fixturing systems
J Munoa, A Iglesias, A Olarra, Z Dombovari, M Zatarain, G Stepan
CIRP Annals 65 (1), 389-392, 2016
Optimization of hard material roughing by means of a stability model
J Munoa, M Zatarain, I Bediaga, R Lizarralde
8th CIRP Modelling of Machining Operations Symposium, Chemnitz, 2005
Control laws for chatter suppression in milling using an inertial actuator
A Bilbao-Guillerna, A Barrios, I Mancisidor, N Loix, J Muñoa
Proceedings of ISMA2010 International Conference on Noise and Vibration …, 2010
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