Sangin Kim
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Tunable terahertz graphene metamaterials
X He
Carbon 82, 229-237, 2015
Highly efficient photonic crystal-based multichannel drop filters of three-port system with reflection feedback
S Kim, I Park, H Lim, CS Kee
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S Kim, K Yu, N Park
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Vector analysis of optical dielectric waveguide bends using finite-difference method
S Kim, A Gopinath
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P Koonath, S Kim, WJ Cho, A Gopinath
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HY Song, S Kim, R Magnusson
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Cyclic optical encoders/decoders for compact optical CDMA networks
S Kim
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Improved efficiency in GaAs solar cells by 1D and 2D nanopatterns fabricated by laser interference lithography
KS Cho, P Mandal, K Kim, IH Baek, S Lee, H Lim, DJ Cho, S Kim, J Lee, ...
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QM Ngo, S Kim, SH Song, R Magnusson
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Bidirectional optical cross connects for multiwavelength ring networks using single arrayed waveguide grating router
S Kim
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Schemes for complete compensation for polarization mode dispersion up to second order
S Kim
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DWDM-based FTTC access network
SJ Park, S Kim, KH Song, JR Lee
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J Liu, QM Ngo, KH Park, S Kim, YH Ahn, JY Park, KH Koh, S Lee
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Graphene-supported tunable waveguide structure in the terahertz regime
X He, S Kim
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Angle-and position-insensitive electrically tunable absorption in graphene by epsilon-near-zero effect
S Lee, TQ Tran, M Kim, H Heo, J Heo, S Kim
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Polarization-insensitive optical amplifiers in AlInGaAs
P Koonath, S Kim, WJ Cho, A Gopinath
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Low bending loss characteristics of hybrid plasmonic waveguide for flexible optical interconnect
JT Kim, S Park, JJ Ju, S Lee, S Kim
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Leaky-mode resonance photonics: Technology for biosensors, optical components, MEMS, and plasmonics
R Magnusson, D Wawro, S Zimmerman, Y Ding, M Shokooh-Saremi, ...
Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XIV 7604, 76040M, 2010
A proposal of a perfect graphene absorber with enhanced design and fabrication tolerance
S Lee, TQ Tran, H Heo, M Kim, S Kim
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
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