Daan Blok
Daan Blok
Dutch Research Council (NWO)
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Shrub expansion in tundra ecosystems: dynamics, impacts and research priorities
IH Myers-Smith, BC Forbes, M Wilmking, M Hallinger, T Lantz, D Blok, ...
Environmental Research Letters 6 (4), 045509, 2011
Climate sensitivity of shrub growth across the tundra biome
IH Myers-Smith, SC Elmendorf, PSA Beck, M Wilmking, M Hallinger, ...
Nature Climate Change 5 (9), 887-891, 2015
Shrub expansion may reduce summer permafrost thaw in Siberian tundra
D Blok, M Heijmans, G Schaepman‐Strub, AV Kononov, TC Maximov, ...
Global Change Biology 16 (4), 1296-1305, 2010
Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome
AD Bjorkman, IH Myers-Smith, SC Elmendorf, S Normand, N Rüger, ...
Nature 562 (7725), 57-62, 2018
What are the main climate drivers for shrub growth in Northeastern Siberian tundra?
D Blok, U Sass-Klaassen, G Schaepman-Strub, M Heijmans, P Sauren, ...
Biogeosciences 8 (5), 1169-1179, 2011
The response of Arctic vegetation to the summer climate: relation between shrub cover, NDVI, surface albedo and temperature
D Blok, G Schaepman-Strub, H Bartholomeus, MMPD Heijmans, ...
Environmental Research Letters 6 (3), 035502, 2011
Permafrost collapse after shrub removal shifts tundra ecosystem to a methane source
AL Nauta, MMPD Heijmans, D Blok, J Limpens, B Elberling, A Gallagher, ...
Nature Climate Change 5 (1), 67-70, 2015
Complexity revealed in the greening of the Arctic
IH Myers-Smith, JT Kerby, GK Phoenix, JW Bjerke, HE Epstein, ...
Nature Climate Change 10 (2), 106-117, 2020
The cooling capacity of mosses: controls on water and energy fluxes in a Siberian tundra site
D Blok, M Heijmans, G Schaepman-Strub, J Van Ruijven, FJW Parmentier, ...
Ecosystems 14 (7), 1055-1065, 2011
Methods for measuring arctic and alpine shrub growth: a review
IH Myers-Smith, M Hallinger, D Blok, U Sass-Klaassen, SA Rayback, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 140, 1-13, 2015
Reviews and syntheses: Changing ecosystem influences on soil thermal regimes in northern high-latitude permafrost regions
MM Loranty, BW Abbott, D Blok, TA Douglas, HE Epstein, BC Forbes, ...
Biogeosciences 15 (17), 5287-5313, 2018
Patchy field sampling biases understanding of climate change impacts across the Arctic
DB Metcalfe, TDG Hermans, J Ahlstrand, M Becker, M Berggren, RG Björk, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 2 (9), 1443-1448, 2018
Initial stages of tundra shrub litter decomposition may be accelerated by deeper winter snow but slowed down by spring warming
D Blok, B Elberling, A Michelsen
Ecosystems 19 (1), 155-169, 2016
Thermokarst dynamics and soil organic matter characteristics controlling initial carbon release from permafrost soils in the Siberian Yedoma region
N Weiss, D Blok, B Elberling, G Hugelius, CJ Jørgensen, MB Siewert, ...
Sedimentary Geology 340, 38-48, 2016
Enhanced summer warming reduces fungal decomposer diversity and litter mass loss more strongly in dry than in wet tundra
CT Christiansen, MS Haugwitz, A Priemé, CS Nielsen, B Elberling, ...
Global change biology 23 (1), 406-420, 2017
Deepened winter snow increases stem growth and alters stem δ13C and δ15N in evergreen dwarf shrub Cassiope tetragona in high-arctic Svalbard tundra
D Blok, S Weijers, JM Welker, EJ Cooper, A Michelsen, J Löffler, ...
Environmental Research Letters 10 (4), 044008, 2015
Tundra Trait Team: A database of plant traits spanning the tundra biome
AD Bjorkman, IH Myers‐Smith, SC Elmendorf, S Normand, HJD Thomas, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 27 (12), 1402-1411, 2018
Above‐and below‐ground responses of four tundra plant functional types to deep soil heating and surface soil fertilization
P Wang, J Limpens, L Mommer, J van Ruijven, AL Nauta, F Berendse, ...
Journal of Ecology 105 (4), 947-957, 2017
Tundra in the rain: differential vegetation responses to three years of experimentally doubled summer precipitation in Siberian shrub and Swedish bog tundra
F Keuper, FJW Parmentier, D Blok, PM Van Bodegom, E Dorrepaal, ...
Ambio 41 (3), 269-280, 2012
High Arctic summer warming tracked by increased Cassiope tetragona growth in the world's northernmost polar desert
S Weijers, A Buchwal, D Blok, J Löffler, B Elberling
Global change biology 23 (11), 5006-5020, 2017
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