Wonyoung Choe
Wonyoung Choe
Associate Professor of Chemistry, UNIST
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Making and breaking covalent bonds across the magnetic transition in the giant magnetocaloric material Gd 5 (Si 2 Ge 2)
W Choe, VK Pecharsky, AO Pecharsky, KA Gschneidner Jr, VG Young Jr, ...
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BJ Burnett, PM Barron, C Hu, W Choe
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LD DeVries, PM Barron, EP Hurley, C Hu, W Choe
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Self-assembly and properties of nonmetalated tetraphenyl-porphyrin on metal substrates
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Phase Transformation Driven by Valence Electron Concentration:  Tuning Interslab Bond Distances in Gd5GaxGe4-x
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A Bioinspired Synthetic Approach for Building Metal− Organic Frameworks with Accessible Metal Centers
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“Nanoscale Zippers” in the Crystalline Solid. Structural Variations in the Giant Magnetocaloric Material Gd5Si1.5Ge2.5
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Coordination Networks of C 3 v and C 2 v Phenylacetylene Nitriles and Silver (I) Salts: Interplay of Ligand Symmetry and Molecular Dipole Moments in the Solid State
W Choe, YH Kiang, Z Xu, S Lee
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Crystal structure and magnetism of Gd2MgGe2
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EY Choi, PM Barron, RW Novotney, C Hu, YUK Kwon, W Choe
CrystEngComm 10 (7), 824-826, 2008
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