Jung-Eun Chu
Jung-Eun Chu
IBS Center for Climate Physics, Pusan National University, Republic of Korea
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Nonlinear, intraseasonal phases of the East Asian summer monsoon: Extraction and analysis using self-organizing maps
JE Chu, SN Hameed, KJ Ha
Journal of Climate 25 (20), 6975-6988, 2012
Future change of the Indian Ocean basin-wide and dipole modes in the CMIP5
JE Chu, KJ Ha, JY Lee, B Wang, BH Kim, CE Chung
Climate dynamics 43 (1-2), 535-551, 2014
Changes in climate classification and extreme climate indices from a high-resolution future projection in Korea
KS Yun, KY Heo, JE Chu, KJ Ha, EJ Lee, Y Choi, A Kitoh
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What caused the cool summer over northern Central Asia, East Asia and central North America during 2009?
KJ Ha, JE Chu, JY Lee, B Wang, SN Hameed, M Watanabe
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Interbasin coupling between the tropical Indian and Pacific Ocean on interannual timescale: observation and CMIP5 reproduction
KJ Ha, JE Chu, JY Lee, KS Yun
Climate dynamics 48 (1-2), 459-475, 2017
Boreal summer intraseasonal phases identified by nonlinear multivariate empirical orthogonal function–based self-organizing map (ESOM) analysis
JE Chu, B Wang, JY Lee, KJ Ha
Journal of Climate 30 (10), 3513-3528, 2017
Classification of intraseasonal oscillation in precipitation using self-organizing map for the East Asian summer monsoon
JE Chu, KJ Ha
Atmosphere 21 (3), 221-228, 2011
Global fine-mode aerosol radiative effect, as constrained by comprehensive observations
Chul E. Chung, Jung-Eun Chu, Yunha Lee, Twan van Noije, Hwayoung Jeoung ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (13), 8071, 2016
Quantifying organic aerosol single scattering albedo over the tropical biomass burning regions
JE Chu, KJ Ha
Atmospheric environment 147, 67-78, 2016
How Light‐Absorbing Properties of Organic Aerosol Modify the Asian Summer Monsoon Rainfall?
JE Chu, KM Kim, WKM Lau, KJ Ha
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 123 (4), 2244-2255, 2018
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