Mark O Cuthbert
Mark O Cuthbert
Cardiff University, University College London, University of Birmingham, UNSW Australia의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Comparison of rates of ureolysis between Sporosarcina pasteurii and an indigenous groundwater community under conditions required to precipitate large volumes of calcite
DJ Tobler, MO Cuthbert, RB Greswell, MS Riley, JC Renshaw, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75 (11), 3290-3301, 2011
Towards best practice for assessing the impacts of climate change on groundwater
IP Holman, DM Allen, MO Cuthbert, P Goderniaux
Hydrogeology Journal 20 (1), 1-4, 2012
A field and modeling study of fractured rock permeability reduction using microbially induced calcite precipitation
MO Cuthbert, LA McMillan, S Handley-Sidhu, MS Riley, DJ Tobler, ...
Environmental science & technology 47 (23), 13637-13643, 2013
Global patterns and dynamics of climate–groundwater interactions
MO Cuthbert, T Gleeson, N Moosdorf, KM Befus, A Schneider, J Hartmann, ...
Nature Climate Change 9 (2), 137-141, 2019
Controls on the rate of ureolysis and the morphology of carbonate precipitated by S. Pasteurii biofilms and limits due to bacterial encapsulation
MO Cuthbert, MS Riley, S Handley-Sidhu, JC Renshaw, DJ Tobler, ...
Ecological Engineering 41, 32-40, 2012
An improved time series approach for estimating groundwater recharge from groundwater level fluctuations
MO Cuthbert
Water Resources Research 46 (9), 2010
Drip water isotopes in semi-arid karst: implications for speleothem paleoclimatology
MO Cuthbert, A Baker, CN Jex, PW Graham, PC Treble, MS Andersen, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 395, 194-204, 2014
Observed controls on resilience of groundwater to climate variability in sub-Saharan Africa
MO Cuthbert, RG Taylor, G Favreau, MC Todd, M Shamsudduha, ...
Nature 572 (7768), 230-234, 2019
Dripwater organic matter and trace element geochemistry in a semi-arid karst environment: Implications for speleothem paleoclimatology
H Rutlidge, A Baker, CE Marjo, MS Andersen, PW Graham, MO Cuthbert, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 135, 217-230, 2014
Understanding process dynamics at aquifer‐surface water interfaces: An introduction to the special section on new modeling approaches and novel experimental technologies
S Krause, F Boano, MO Cuthbert, JH Fleckenstein, J Lewandowski
Water Resources Research 50 (2), 1847-1855, 2014
Impacts of nonuniform flow on estimates of vertical streambed flux
MO Cuthbert, R Mackay
Water Resources Research 49 (1), 19-28, 2013
Understanding and quantifying focused, indirect groundwater recharge from ephemeral streams using water table fluctuations
MO Cuthbert, RI Acworth, MS Andersen, JR Larsen, AM McCallum, ...
Water Resources Research 52 (2), 827-840, 2016
Impacts of river bed gas on the hydraulic and thermal dynamics of the hyporheic zone
MO Cuthbert, R Mackay, V Durand, MF Aller, RB Greswell, MO Rivett
Advances in Water Resources 33 (11), 1347-1358, 2010
Highway deicing salt dynamic runoff to surface water and subsequent infiltration to groundwater during severe UK winters
MO Rivett, MO Cuthbert, R Gamble, LE Connon, A Pearson, MG Shepley, ...
Science of the Total Environment 565, 324-338, 2016
Bacterially produced calcium phosphate nanobiominerals: sorption capacity, site preferences, and stability of captured radionuclides
S Handley-Sidhu, JA Hriljac, MO Cuthbert, JC Renshaw, RAD Pattrick, ...
Environmental science & technology 48 (12), 6891-6898, 2014
Combining unsaturated and saturated hydraulic observations to understand and estimate groundwater recharge through glacial till
MO Cuthbert, R Mackay, JH Tellam, KE Thatcher
Journal of Hydrology 391 (3-4), 263-276, 2010
Linking soil moisture balance and source-responsive models to estimate diffuse and preferential components of groundwater recharge
MO Cuthbert, R Mackay, JR Nimmo
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 17 (3), 1003-1019, 2013
Global analysis reveals climatic controls on the oxygen isotope composition of cave drip water
A Baker, A Hartmann, W Duan, S Hankin, L Comas-Bru, MO Cuthbert, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-7, 2019
Straight thinking about groundwater recession
MO Cuthbert
Water Resources Research 50 (3), 2407-2424, 2014
Transport of Sporosarcina pasteurii in sandstone and its significance for subsurface engineering technologies
DJ Tobler, MO Cuthbert, VR Phoenix
Applied Geochemistry 42, 38-44, 2014
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