Ian Stobert
Ian Stobert
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
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The crossing number of C5 × Cn
M Kleŝĉ, RB Richter, I Stobert
Journal of Graph Theory 22 (3), 239-243, 1996
OPC simplification and mask cost reduction using regular design fabrics
T Jhaveri, I Stobert, L Liebmann, P Karakatsanis, V Rovner, A Strojwas, ...
Optical Microlithography XXII 7274, 727417, 2009
Adjustment of mask shapes for improving printability of dense integrated circuit layout
A Krasnoperova, IP Stobert, K Herold
US Patent 8,015,511, 2011
Improving yield through the application of process window OPC
JT Azpiroz, A Krasnoperova, S Siddiqui, K Settlemyer, I Graur, I Stobert, ...
Optical Microlithography XXII 7274, 727411, 2009
Generative learning for realistic and ground rule clean hot spot synthesis
IC Graur, IP Stobert, DA Vengertsev
US Patent 9,690,898, 2017
Method of facilitating integrated circuit design using manufactured property values
JP Bickford, SM Fox, DJ Hathaway, IP Stobert
US Patent 7,380,233, 2008
Correcting for stress induced pattern shifts in semiconductor manufacturing
D Chidambarrao, JA Culp, PC Parries, IP Stobert
US Patent 9,311,443, 2016
Density balancing in multiple patterning lithography using integrated circuit layout fill
S Banerjee, LW Liebmann, IP Stobert
US Patent 8,627,245, 2014
Managing high-accuracy and fast convergence in OPC
K Herold, N Chen, IP Stobert
Photomask Technology 2006 6349, 634924, 2006
Etch correction and OPC: a look at the current state and future of etch correction
I Stobert, D Dunn
Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning II 8685, 868504, 2013
Substrate aware OPC rules for edge effect in block levels
D Shao, TC Bailey, I Stobert, I Popova, CS Chang
Photomask Technology 2010 7823, 78233U, 2010
Etch aware optical proximity correction: a first step toward integrated pattern engineering
DN Dunn, S Mansfield, I Stobert, C Sarma, G Lembach, J Liu, K Herold
Optical Microlithography XXII 7274, 727412, 2009
Optimizing models based OPC fragmentation using genetic algorithms
DA Dipaola, I Stobert
Photomask Technology 2008 7122, 71220V, 2008
Strategies for single patterning of contacts for 32nm and 28nm technology
B Morgenfeld, I Stobert, H Haffner, J An, H Kanai, M Ostermayr, N Chen, ...
2011 IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference, 1-8, 2011
Net-voltage-aware optical proximity correction (OPC)
S Banerjee, JA Culp, IP Stobert
US Patent 9,311,442, 2016
New method of detection and classification of yield-impacting EUV mask defects
I Graur, D Vengertsev, A Raghunathan, I Stobert, J Rankin
Photomask Technology 2015 9635, 96350M, 2015
Predicting substrate-induced focus error
BR Liegl, B Sapp, S Greco, TA Brunner, N Felix, I Stobert, K Nafisi, ...
Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 9 (4), 041311, 2010
Impact of transmitted and reflected light inspection on mask inspectability, defect sensitivity, and mask design rule restrictions
Y Kodera, K Badger, E Gallagher, S Akima, M Lawliss, H Ikeda, I Stobert, ...
Photomask and Next-Generation Lithography Mask Technology XIV 6607, 66072E, 2007
Your worst nightmare: inspection of aggressive OPC on 14nm masks with emphasis on defect sensitivity and wafer defect print predictability
KD Badger, M Hibbs, J Rankin, K Seki, I Stobert, DJ Dechene, B Bleiman, ...
Photomask Technology 2013 8880, 88800E, 2013
Contact patterning strategies for 32nm and 28nm technology
B Morgenfeld, I Stobert, J j An, H Kanai, N Chen, M Aminpur, C Brodsky, ...
Optical Microlithography XXIV 7973, 797319, 2011
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