Azeddine Kourta
Azeddine Kourta
laboratoire PRISME, Université d'Orléans
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Nonlinear interaction and the transition to turbulence in the wake of a circular cylinder
A Kourta, HC Boisson, P Chassaing, HH Minh
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Analysis and control of the near-wake flow over a square-back geometry
M Rouméas, P Gilliéron, A Kourta
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M Rouméas, P Gilliéron, A Kourta
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Experimental characterization of the unsteady natural wake of the full-scale square back Ahmed body: flow bi-stability and spectral analysis
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A Kourta
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A Kourta
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Closed-loop separation control over a sharp edge ramp using genetic programming
A Debien, KAFF von Krbek, N Mazellier, T Duriez, L Cordier, BR Noack, ...
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Separated flows around the rear window of a simplified car geometry
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Full coverage film cooling using compound angle
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Biomimetic bluff body drag reduction by self-adaptive porous flaps
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Analysis and characterization of ramp flow separation
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Acoustic–mean flow interaction and vortex shedding in solid rocket motors
A Kourta
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Numerical and experimental study of micro synthetic jets for active flow control
A Batikh, R Caen, S Colin, L Baldas, A Kourta, HC Boisson
International Journal of Heat and Technology 26 (1), 139-145, 2008
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