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Salim Ok
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Hydrogen-bonded polymer capsules formed by layer-by-layer self-assembly
V Kozlovskaya, S Ok, A Sousa, M Libera, SA Sukhishvili
Macromolecules 36 (23), 8590-8592, 2003
Synthesis, structure–activity relationships, and in vitro antibacterial and antifungal activity evaluations of novel pyrazole carboxylic and dicarboxylic acid derivatives
S Mert, R Kasımoğulları, T Iça, F Çolak, A Altun, S Ok
European journal of medicinal chemistry 78, 86-96, 2014
Confinement effects on chain dynamics and local chain order in entangled polymer melts
S Ok, M Steinhart, A Serbescu, C Franz, F Vaca Chávez, K Saalwächter
Macromolecules 43 (10), 4429-4434, 2010
Facile synthesis and characterization of novel pyrazole-sulfonamides and their inhibition effects on human carbonic anhydrase isoenzymes
H Balseven, MM İşgör, S Mert, Z Alım, Ş Beydemir, S Ok, R Kasımoğulları
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 21 (1), 21-27, 2013
Polymer dynamics of 1,4-polybutadiene in nanoscopic confinement as revealed by field cycling 1H NMR
EAR M. Hofmann, A. Herrmann, S. Ok, C. Franz, D. Kruk
Macromolecules 44, 4017-4021, 2011
Detection of olive oil adulteration by low-field NMR relaxometry and UV-Vis spectroscopy upon mixing olive oil with various edible oils
S Ok
Grasas y Aceites 68 (1), e173-e173, 2017
Hydrocarbon behavior at nanoscale interfaces
D.R. Cole, S. Ok, A. Striolo, A. Phan
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 75, 495-545, 2013
Large-scale diffusion of entangled polymers along nanochannels
F Lange, P Judeinstein, C Franz, B Hartmann-Azanza, S Ok, M Steinhart, ...
ACS Macro letters 4 (5), 561-565, 2015
Inhibitory effect of novel pyrazole carboxamide derivatives on human carbonic anhydrase enzyme
SO Elvan Şen, Zuhal Alım, Hatice Duran, Mehmet
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, 2012
NMR Analyses and Diffusion Coefficient Determination of Minor Constituents of Olive Oil: Combined Experimental and Theoretical Studies
SO Ahmet Altun
J. Chem. Eng. Data 57, 2619–2624, 2012
NMR Spectroscopy Analysis of Asphaltenes
S Ok, T Mal
Energy & Fuels 33 (11), 10391-10414, 2019
Surface interactions and confinement of methane: a high pressure magic angle spinning NMR and computational chemistry study
S Ok, DW Hoyt, A Andersen, J Sheets, SA Welch, DR Cole, KT Mueller, ...
Langmuir 33 (6), 1359-1367, 2017
A Short Review on Pyrazole Derivatives and their Applications
S Mert, R Kasimogullari, S Ok
Postdoc Journal 2 (4), 66-74, 2014
Tuning hydrophobicity of a fluorinated terpolymer in differently assembled thin films Part B Polymer physics
S Ok, J Sheets, S Welch, S Kaya, A Jalilov, DR Cole
Structure and dynamics of confined COH fluids relevant to the subsurface: application of magnetic resonance, neutron scattering, and molecular dynamics simulations
SS Gautam, S Ok, DR Cole
Frontiers in Earth Science 5, 43, 2017
Basic characterization and investigation of a fluorinated terpolymer in pure state and in mixtures with kaolinite at solid interphases of thin films prepared by facile solution …
S Ok, S Sadaf, L Walder
High Performance Polymers 26, 779-789, 2014
Molecular structure and solubility determination of asphaltenes
S Ok, M Mahmoodinia, N Rajasekaran, MA Sabti, A Lervik, TS van Erp, ...
Energy & Fuels 33 (9), 8259-8270, 2019
Fast screening of Turkish olive oil by NMR spectroscopy for geographical determination and discrimination purposes
S Ok
Grasas y Aceites 65 (2), e024-e024, 2014
Analysis of olive oil for authentication and shelf life determination
İ Ün, S OK
Journal of Food Science and Technology 55 (7), 2476-2487, 2018
Near superhydrophobic-fluorinated THV fiber-like structures and fibers prepared by electrospinning
S Ok, SA Furquan, Z Khan, AU Dogan
High Performance Polymers 28 (2), 206-214, 2016
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