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Pieter Bertier
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Geological controls on the methane storage capacity in organic-rich shales
M Gasparik, P Bertier, Y Gensterblum, A Ghanizadeh, BM Krooss, R Littke
International Journal of Coal Geology 123, 34-51, 2014
High-pressure methane sorption isotherms of black shales from the Netherlands
M Gasparik, A Ghanizadeh, P Bertier, Y Gensterblum, S Bouw, BM Krooss
Energy & fuels 26 (8), 4995-5004, 2012
Experimental identification of CO2–water–rock interactions caused by sequestration of CO2 in Westphalian and Buntsandstein sandstones of the Campine Basin (NE-Belgium)
P Bertier, R Swennen, B Laenen, D Lagrou, R Dreesen
Journal of geochemical exploration 89 (1-3), 10-14, 2006
Drilling and sampling a natural CO2 reservoir: Implications for fluid flow and CO2-fluid–rock reactions during CO2 migration through the overburden
N Kampman, MJ Bickle, A Maskell, HJ Chapman, JP Evans, G Purser, ...
Chemical Geology 369, 51-82, 2014
On sorption and swelling of CO2 in clays
A Busch, P Bertier, Y Gensterblum, G Rother, CJ Spiers, M Zhang, ...
Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources, 1-20, 2016
Experimental investigation of the sealing capacity of generic clay-rich caprocks
A Amann-Hildenbrand, P Bertier, A Busch, BM Krooss
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 19, 620-641, 2013
On the use and abuse of N2 physisorption for the characterization of the pore structure of shales
P Bertier, K Schweinar, H Stanjek, A Ghanizadeh, CR Clarkson, A Busch, ...
Clay Mineral Society Workshop Lecture series 21: FILLING THE GAPS – FROM …, 2016
Observational evidence confirms modelling of the long-term integrity of CO 2-reservoir caprocks
N Kampman, A Busch, P Bertier, J Snippe, S Hangx, V Pipich, Z Di, ...
Nature Communications 7 (1), 1-10, 2016
Multiscale description of shale pore systems by scanning SAXS and WAXS microscopy
L Leu, A Georgiadis, MJ Blunt, A Busch, P Bertier, K Schweinar, M Liebi, ...
Energy & Fuels 30 (12), 10282-10297, 2016
The significance of caprock sealing integrity for CO2 storage
A Busch, A Amann-Hildenbrand, P Bertier, M Waschbuesch, BM Krooss
SPE International Conference on CO2 Capture, Storage, and Utilization, 2010
Palaeo‐climate controlled diagenesis of the Westphalian C & D fluvial sandstones in the Campine Basin (north‐east Belgium)
P Bertier, R Swennen, D Lagrou, BEN Laenen, R Kemps
Sedimentology 55 (5), 1375-1417, 2008
Chemical–mechanical coupling observed for depleted oil reservoirs subjected to long-term CO2-exposure–A case study of the Werkendam natural CO2 analogue field
S Hangx, E Bakker, P Bertier, G Nover, A Busch
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 428, 230-242, 2015
Understanding fluid transport through claystones from their 3D nanoscopic pore network
Y Song, CA Davy, P Bertier, D Troadec
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 228, 64-85, 2016
Determining the porosity of mudrocks using methodological pluralism
A Busch, K Schweinar, N Kampman, A Coorn, V Pipich, A Feoktystov, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 454 (1), 15-38, 2017
Water vapour sorption on mudrocks
T Seemann, P Bertier, BM Krooss, H Stanjek
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 454 (1), 201-233, 2017
A reference high-pressure CO 2 adsorption isotherm for ammonium ZSM-5 zeolite: results of an interlaboratory study
HGT Nguyen, L Espinal, RD van Zee, M Thommes, B Toman, ...
Adsorption 24 (6), 531-539, 2018
Sealing rock characteristics under the influence of CO2
A Amann, M Waschbüsch, P Bertier, A Busch, BM Krooss, R Littke
Energy Procedia 4, 5170-5177, 2011
Pore structure, gas storage and matrix transport characteristics of lacustrine Newark shale
R Fink, A Amann-Hildenbrand, P Bertier, R Littke
Marine and Petroleum Geology 97, 525-539, 2018
The Green River natural analogue as a field laboratory to study the long-term fate of CO2 in the subsurface
A Busch, N Kampman, SJ Hangx, J Snippe, M Bickle, P Bertier, ...
Energy Procedia 63, 2821-2830, 2014
On the porosity of COx claystone by gas injection
Y Song, CA Davy, P Bertier, F Skoczylas, J Talandier
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 239, 272-286, 2017
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