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Wrap–bake–peel process for nanostructural transformation from β-FeOOH nanorods to biocompatible iron oxide nanocapsules
Y Piao, J Kim, HB Na, D Kim, JS Baek, MK Ko, JH Lee, M Shokouhimehr, ...
Nature materials 7 (3), 242-247, 2008
A magnetically recyclable nanocomposite catalyst for olefin epoxidation
M Shokouhimehr, Y Piao, J Kim, Y Jang, T Hyeon
Angewandte Chemie 119 (37), 7169-7173, 2007
Polymer-Supported N-Heterocyclic Carbene−Palladium Complex for Heterogeneous Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reaction
JH Kim, JW Kim, M Shokouhimehr, YS Lee
The Journal of organic chemistry 70 (17), 6714-6720, 2005
Dual purpose Prussian blue nanoparticles for cellular imaging and drug delivery: a new generation of T1-weighted MRI contrast and small molecule delivery agents
M Shokouhimehr, ES Soehnlen, J Hao, M Griswold, C Flask, X Fan, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (25), 5251-5259, 2010
Facile aqueous‐phase synthesis of uniform palladium nanoparticles of various shapes and sizes
Y Piao, Y Jang, M Shokouhimehr, IS Lee, T Hyeon
Small 3 (2), 255-260, 2007
Effects of carbon additives on the properties of ZrB2–based composites: a review
MS Asl, B Nayebi, Z Ahmadi, MJ Zamharir, M Shokouhimehr
Ceramics International 44 (7), 7334-7348, 2018
Magnetically separable and sustainable nanostructured catalysts for heterogeneous reduction of nitroaromatics
M Shokouhimehr
Catalysts 5 (2), 534-560, 2015
Microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir processed AISI 316L stainless steel
M Hajian, A Abdollah-Zadeh, SS Rezaei-Nejad, H Assadi, SMM Hadavi, ...
Materials & Design 67, 82-94, 2015
Biocompatible Prussian blue nanoparticles: Preparation, stability, cytotoxicity, and potential use as an MRI contrast agent
M Shokouhimehr, ES Soehnlen, A Khitrin, S Basu, SD Huang
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 13 (1), 58-61, 2010
Magnetically retrievable nanocomposite adorned with Pd nanocatalysts: efficient reduction of nitroaromatics in aqueous media
M Shokouhimehr, K Hong, TH Lee, CW Moon, SP Hong, K Zhang, JM Suh, ...
Green Chemistry 20 (16), 3809-3817, 2018
Spark plasma sintering of TiN ceramics codoped with SiC and CNT
SA Delbari, B Nayebi, E Ghasali, M Shokouhimehr, MS Asl
Ceramics International 45 (3), 3207-3216, 2019
Microstructure and thermomechanical characteristics of spark plasma sintered TiC ceramics doped with nano-sized WC
AS Namini, Z Ahmadi, A Babapoor, M Shokouhimehr, MS Asl
Ceramics International 45 (2), 2153-2160, 2019
Carbon and graphene quantum dots: A review on syntheses, characterization, biological and sensing applications for neurotransmitter determination
S Tajik, Z Dourandish, K Zhang, H Beitollahi, Q Van Le, HW Jang, ...
RSC Advances 10 (26), 15406-15429, 2020
TEM characterization of spark plasma sintered ZrB2–SiC–graphene nanocomposite
MS Asl, B Nayebi, M Shokouhimehr
Ceramics International 44 (13), 15269-15273, 2018
Magnetically recyclable hollow nanocomposite catalysts for heterogeneous reduction of nitroarenes and Suzuki reactions
M Shokouhimehr, JE Lee, SI Han, T Hyeon
Chemical Communications 49 (42), 4779-4781, 2013
Recent Advances in the Nanocatalyst-Assisted NaBH4 Reduction of Nitroaromatics in Water
K Zhang, JM Suh, JW Choi, HW Jang, M Shokouhimehr, RS Varma
ACS omega 4 (1), 483-495, 2019
Improvement in cavitation erosion resistance of AISI 316L stainless steel by friction stir processing
M Hajian, A Abdollah-Zadeh, SS Rezaei-Nejad, H Assadi, SMM Hadavi, ...
Applied Surface Science 308, 184-192, 2014
Influence of TiN dopant on microstructure of TiB2 ceramic sintered by spark plasma
F Shayesteh, SA Delbari, Z Ahmadi, M Shokouhimehr, MS Asl
Ceramics International 45 (5), 5306-5311, 2019
Temperature dependence of microstructure evolution during hot pressing of ZrB2–30 vol.% SiC composites
B Nayebi, MS Asl, MG Kakroudi, M Shokouhimehr
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 54, 7-13, 2016
A numerical approach to the heat transfer in monolithic and SiC reinforced HfB2, ZrB2 and TiB2 ceramic cutting tools
FS Moghanlou, M Vajdi, J Sha, A Motallebzadeh, M Shokouhimehr, ...
Ceramics International 45 (13), 15892-15897, 2019
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