Martin A. Fernø
Martin A. Fernø
Professor, Dept. of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen
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Comparison of residual oil cluster size distribution, morphology and saturation in oil-wet and water-wet sandstone
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Dynamic laboratory wettability alteration
MA Fernø, M Torsvik, S Haugland, A Graue
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J Gauteplass, K Chaudhary, AR Kovscek, MA Fernø
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MA Fernø, J Gauteplass, M Pancharoen, A Haugen, A Graue, AR Kovscek, ...
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Ø Eide, MA Fernø, Z Alcorn, A Graue
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G Ersland, MA Fernø, A Graue, BA Baldwin, J Stevens
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S Iglauer, T Rahman, M Sarmadivaleh, A Al-Hinai, MA Fernø, M Lebedev
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Enhanced oil recovery in fractured reservoirs
MA Fernø
Introduction to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Processes and Bioremediation of …, 2012
Wettability effects on the matrix–fracture fluid transfer in fractured carbonate rocks
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Pore-scale mechanisms during low salinity waterflooding: Oil mobilization by diffusion and osmosis
SB Fredriksen, AU Rognmo, MA Fernø
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Mobility control during CO2 EOR in fractured carbonates using foam: Laboratory evaluation and numerical simulations
MA Fernø, Ø Eide, M Steinsbø, SAW Langlo, A Christophersen, ...
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Wettability effects on osmosis as an oil-mobilization mechanism during low-salinity waterflooding
SB Fredriksen, AU Rognmo, K Sandengen, MA Fernø
Petrophysics 58 (01), 28-35, 2017
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