Young Mo Kim
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Inhibitory effects of toxic compounds on nitrification process for cokes wastewater treatment
YM Kim, D Park, DS Lee, JM Park
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Pretreatment of agricultural biomass for anaerobic digestion: current state and challenges
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Influence of operational parameters on nitrogen removal efficiency and microbial communities in a full-scale activated sludge process
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Prediction of Effluent Concentration in a Wastewater Treatment Plant using Machine Learning Models
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Journal of Environmental Sciences 32 (1), 90-101, 2015
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Chemical Engineering Journal 143 (1-3), 141-146, 2008
Prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes from effluent of coastal aquaculture, South Korea
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Environmental pollution 233, 1049-1057, 2018
Effects of pH control and concentration on microbial oil production from Chlorella vulgaris cultivated in the effluent of a low-cost organic waste fermentation system producing …
JMP Hyun-Uk Cho, Young Mo Kim, Yun-Nam Choi, Xu Xu, Dong-Yun Shin
Bioresource Technology 184, 245-250, 2015
Enhanced microalgal biomass and lipid production from a consortium of indigenous microalgae and bacteria present in municipal wastewater under gradually mixotrophic culture …
HU Cho, YM Kim, JM Park
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Modeling Seasonal Variability Fecal Coliform in Natural Surface Waters using the Modified SWAT
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Journal of Hydrology 535, 377-385, 2016
Response of nitrifying bacterial communities to the increased thiocyanate concentration in pre-denitrification process
YM Kim, HU Cho, DS Lee, C Park, D Park, JM Park
Bioresource technology 102 (2), 913-922, 2011
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