Tae-Young Yoon
Tae-Young Yoon
School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University
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Multiple intermediates in SNARE-induced membrane fusion
TY Yoon, B Okumus, F Zhang, YK Shin, T Ha
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (52), 19731-19736, 2006
Complexin and Ca2+ stimulate SNARE-mediated membrane fusion
TY Yoon, X Lu, J Diao, SM Lee, T Ha, YK Shin
Nature structural & molecular biology 15 (7), 707, 2008
Dynamic Ca2+-dependent stimulation of vesicle fusion by membrane-anchored synaptotagmin 1
HK Lee, Y Yang, Z Su, C Hyeon, TS Lee, HW Lee, DH Kweon, YK Shin, ...
Science 328 (5979), 760-763, 2010
MutS switches between two fundamentally distinct clamps during mismatch repair
C Jeong, WK Cho, KM Song, C Cook, TY Yoon, C Ban, R Fishel, JB Lee
Nature structural & molecular biology 18 (3), 379, 2011
Reconstruction of LPS transfer cascade reveals structural determinants within LBP, CD14, and TLR4-MD2 for efficient LPS recognition and transfer
JK Ryu, SJ Kim, SH Rah, JI Kang, HE Jung, D Lee, HK Lee, JO Lee, ...
Immunity 46 (1), 38-50, 2017
Microfluidic synthesis of hybrid nanoparticles with controlled lipid layers: understanding flexibility-regulated cell–nanoparticle interaction
L Zhang, Q Feng, J Wang, S Zhang, B Ding, Y Wei, M Dong, JY Ryu, ...
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A single vesicle-vesicle fusion assay for in vitro studies of SNAREs and accessory proteins
J Diao, Y Ishitsuka, H Lee, C Joo, Z Su, S Syed, YK Shin, TY Yoon, T Ha
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Topographic control of lipid-raft reconstitution in model membranes
TY Yoon, C Jeong, SW Lee, JH Kim, MC Choi, SJ Kim, MW Kim, SD Lee
Nature materials 5 (4), 281-285, 2006
Low-power nano-optical vortex trapping via plasmonic diabolo nanoantennas
JH Kang, K Kim, HS Ee, YH Lee, TY Yoon, MK Seo, HG Park
Nature communications 2 (1), 1-6, 2011
Mechanical unzipping and rezipping of a single SNARE complex reveals hysteresis as a force-generating mechanism
D Min, K Kim, C Hyeon, YH Cho, YK Shin, TY Yoon
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-10, 2013
Spring-loaded unraveling of a single SNARE complex by NSF in one round of ATP turnover
JK Ryu, D Min, SH Rah, SJ Kim, Y Park, H Kim, C Hyeon, HM Kim, R Jahn, ...
Science 347 (6229), 1485-1489, 2015
Real-time single-molecule co-immunoprecipitation analyses reveal cancer-specific Ras signalling dynamics
HW Lee, T Kyung, J Yoo, T Kim, C Chung, JY Ryu, H Lee, K Park, S Lee, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-9, 2013
Mapping the energy landscape for second-stage folding of a single membrane protein
D Min, RE Jefferson, JU Bowie, TY Yoon
Nature chemical biology 11 (12), 981-987, 2015
Simple super-resolution live-cell imaging based on diffusion-assisted Förster resonance energy transfer
S Cho, J Jang, C Song, H Lee, P Ganesan, TY Yoon, MW Kim, MC Choi, ...
Scientific reports 3, 1208, 2013
Dissection of SNARE-driven membrane fusion and neuroexocytosis by wedging small hydrophobic molecules into the SNARE zipper
Y Yang, JY Shin, JM Oh, CH Jung, Y Hwang, S Kim, JS Kim, KJ Yoon, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (51), 22145-22150, 2010
C2AB: a molecular glue for lipid vesicles with a negatively charged surface
J Diao, TY Yoon, Z Su, YK Shin, T Ha
Langmuir 25 (13), 7177-7180, 2009
Single-vesicle fusion assay reveals Munc18-1 binding to the SNARE core is sufficient for stimulating membrane fusion
J Diao, Z Su, X Lu, TY Yoon, YK Shin, T Ha
ACS chemical neuroscience 1 (3), 168-174, 2010
Pixel-encapsulated flexible displays with a multifunctional elastomer substrate for self-aligning liquid crystals
YT Kim, JH Hong, TY Yoon, SD Lee
Applied physics letters 88 (26), 263501, 2006
Progresses in understanding N‐ethylmaleimide sensitive factor (NSF) mediated disassembly of SNARE complexes
JK Ryu, R Jahn, TY Yoon
Biopolymers 105 (8), 518-531, 2016
PIF1-interacting transcription factors and their binding sequence elements determine the in vivo targeting sites of PIF1
J Kim, H Kang, J Park, W Kim, J Yoo, N Lee, J Kim, T Yoon, G Choi
The Plant Cell 28 (6), 1388-1405, 2016
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