Sergio Álvarez Pardo
Sergio Álvarez Pardo
Research Assistant, University of Alcalá
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Accurate global localization using visual odometry and digital maps on urban environments
IP Alonso, DFF Llorca, M Gavilan, SÁÁ Pardo, MÁ García-Garrido, ...
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 13 (4), 1535-1545, 2012
An experimental study on pitch compensation in pedestrian-protection systems for collision avoidance and mitigation
DF Llorca, MA Sotelo, I Parra, JE Naranjo, M Gavilán, S Alvarez
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Real-time vision-based vehicle detection for rear-end collision mitigation systems
D Balcones, DF Llorca, MA Sotelo, M Gavilán, S Álvarez, I Parra, M Ocaña
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Hierarchical camera auto-calibration for traffic surveillance systems
S Alvarez, DF Llorca, MA Sotelo
Expert Systems with Applications 41 (4), 1532-1542, 2014
Real-time vision-based blind spot warning system: Experiments with motorcycles in daytime/nighttime conditions
C Fernández, DF Llorca, MA Sotelo, IG Daza, AM Hellín, S Álvarez
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Vision-based blind spot detection using optical flow
MA Sotelo, J Barriga, D Fernández, I Parra, JE Naranjo, M Marrón, ...
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3D candidate selection method for pedestrian detection on non-planar roads
D Fernández, I Parra, MA Sotelo, P Revenga, S Álvarez, M Gavilán
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Perception advances in outdoor vehicle detection for automatic cruise control
S Álvarez, MÁ Sotelo, M Ocaña, DF Llorca, I Parra, LM Bergasa
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Camera auto-calibration using zooming and zebra-crossing for traffic monitoring applications
S Alvarez, DF Llorca, MA Sotelo
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Vehicle and pedestrian detection in esafety applications
S Alvarez, MA Sotelo, I Parra, DF Llorca, M Gavilán
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Spatial Hand Segmentation Using Skin Colour and Background Subtraction
S Alvarez, DF Llorca, G Lacey, S Ameling
Trinity College Dublin's Computer Science Technical Report, Dublin, 2010
Parking Assistance System for Leaving Perpendicular Parking Lots: Experiments in Daytime\/Nighttime Conditions
D Fernández-Llorca, I García-Daza, A Martínez-Hellín, S Álvarez-Pardo, ...
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine 6 (2), 57-68, 2014
Monocular target detection on transport infrastructures with dynamic and variable environments
S Alvarez, DF Llorca, MA Sotelo, AG Lorente
2012 15th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation …, 2012
Monocular vision-based target detection on dynamic transport infrastructures
S Álvarez, MA Sotelo, DF Llorca, R Quintero, O Marcos
International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory, 576-583, 2011
Vision-based parking assistance system for leaving perpendicular and angle parking lots
DF Llorca, S Álvarez, MA Sotelo
2013 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), 437-442, 2013
Detection Model in Collaborative Multi-Robot Monte Carlo Localization.
R Barea, E López, LM Bergasa, S Álvarez, M Ocaña
IEEE Workshop on Distributed Intelligent Systems: Collective Intelligence …, 2006
Vision-based target detection in road environments
S Álvarez, MA Sotelo, M Ocaña, D Fernández, I Parra
Proceedings of the 1st WSEAS international conference on Visualization …, 2008
Visual odometry for road vehicles—feasibility analysis
M Sotelo, R García, I Parra, D Fernández, M Gavilán, S Álvarez, J Naranjo
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Collaborative multi-robot Monte Carlo localization in assistant robots
R Barea, E López, LM Bergasa, S Álvarez, M Ocaña
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Design of automated training and monitoring system for alcohol-based hand rub surgical hand preparation
S Ameling, GÓ Fearghaíl, S Álvarez, G Lacey
BMC Proceedings 5 (6), 1-1, 2011
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