Miguel Iglesias Olmedo
Miguel Iglesias Olmedo
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Multiband carrierless amplitude phase modulation for high capacity optical data links
MI Olmedo, T Zuo, JB Jensen, Q Zhong, X Xu, S Popov, IT Monroy
Journal of Lightwave Technology 32 (4), 798-804, 2013
Towards 400GBASE 4-lane solution using direct detection of MultiCAP signal in 14 GHz bandwidth per lane
MI Olmedo, Z Tianjian, JB Jensen, Z Qiwen, X Xiaogeng, IT Monroy
2013 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition and the National …, 2013
800G DSP ASIC design using probabilistic shaping and digital sub-carrier multiplexing
H Sun, M Torbatian, M Karimi, R Maher, S Thomson, M Tehrani, Y Gao, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 38 (17), 4744-4756, 2020
100 GHz externally modulated laser for optical interconnects
O Ozolins, X Pang, MI Olmedo, A Kakkar, A Udalcovs, S Gaiarin, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 35 (6), 1174-1179, 2017
O-band 400 Gbit/s client side optical transmission link
T Zuo, A Tatarczak, MI Olmedo, J Estaran, JB Jensen, Q Zhong, X Xu, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, M2E. 4, 2014
100 GHz EML for high speed optical interconnect applications
O Ozolins, MI Olmedo, X Pang, S Gaiarin, A Kakkar, A Udalcovs, ...
ECOC 2016; 42nd European Conference on Optical Communication, 1-3, 2016
Quaternary polarization-multiplexed subsystem for high-capacity IM/DD optical data links
J Estarán, MA Usuga, EP Da Silva, M Piels, MI Olmedo, D Zibar, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (7), 1408-1416, 2015
First experimental demonstration of coherent CAP for 300-Gb/s metropolitan optical networks
J Estaran, MI Olmedo, D Zibar, X Xu, IT Monroy
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Th3K. 3, 2014
Carrier phase recovery algorithms for coherent optical circular mQAM systems
JR Navarro, A Kakkar, X Pang, O Ozolins, R Schatz, MI Olmedo, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 34 (11), 2717-2723, 2016
Evaluation of high-speed EML-based IM/DD links with PAM modulations and low-complexity equalization
X Pang, O Ozolins, S Gaiarin, MI Olmedo, R Schatz, U Westergren, ...
ECOC 2016; 42nd European Conference on Optical Communication, 1-3, 2016
Experimental Study of 1.55- m EML-Based Optical IM/DD PAM-4/8 Short Reach Systems
X Pang, O Ozolins, S Gaiarin, A Kakkar, JR Navarro, MI Olmedo, R Schatz, ...
IEEE photonics technology letters 29 (6), 523-526, 2017
Towards 100 Gbps over 100m MMF using a 850nm VCSEL
MI Olmedo, A Tatarczak, T Zuo, J Estaran, X Xu, IT Monroy
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, M2E. 5, 2014
Laser rate equation-based filtering for carrier recovery in characterization and communication
M Piels, MI Olmedo, W Xue, X Pang, C Schäffer, R Schatz, G Jacobsen, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (15), 3271-3279, 2015
Carrier recovery techniques for semiconductor laser frequency noise for 28 GBd DP-16QAM
MI Olmedo, X Pang, M Piels, R Schatz, G Jacobsen, S Popov, IT Monroy, ...
2015 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), 1-3, 2015
Combined optical and electrical spectrum shaping for high-baud-rate nyquist-WDM transceivers
EP da Silva, R Borkowski, S Preußler, F Schwartau, S Gaiarin, MI Olmedo, ...
IEEE Photonics Journal 8 (1), 1-11, 2016
A novel method for combating dispersion induced power fading in dispersion compensating fiber
A Lebedev, JJV Olmos, M Iglesias, S Forchhammer, IT Monroy
Optics express 21 (11), 13617-13625, 2013
Effective linewidth of semiconductor lasers for coherent optical data links
M Iglesias Olmedo, X Pang, R Schatz, O Ozolins, H Louchet, D Zibar, ...
Photonics 3 (2), 39, 2016
Gigabit access passive optical network using wavelength division multiplexing—GigaWaM
MI Olmedo, L Suhr, K Prince, R Rodes, C Mikkelsen, E Hviid, C Neumeyr, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 32 (22), 4285-4293, 2014
Photonic integrated circuit
PW Evans, JT Rahn, V Lal, MI Olmedo, A Hosseini, P Samra, S Corzine, ...
US Patent 10,181,696, 2019
Photonic integrated circuit package
PW Evans, JW Osenbach, FA Kish, J Zhang, MI Olmedo, M Anagnosti
US Patent 10,026,723, 2018
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