Shankar Kumar Selvaraja
Shankar Kumar Selvaraja
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Silicon microring resonators
W Bogaerts, P De Heyn, T Van Vaerenbergh, K De Vos, ...
Laser & Photonics Reviews 6 (1), 47-73, 2012
Silicon-on-insulator spectral filters fabricated with CMOS technology
W Bogaerts, SK Selvaraja, P Dumon, J Brouckaert, K De Vos, ...
IEEE journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 16 (1), 33-44, 2010
High-efficiency fiber-to-chip grating couplers realized using an advanced CMOS-compatible silicon-on-insulator platform
D Vermeulen, S Selvaraja, P Verheyen, G Lepage, W Bogaerts, P Absil, ...
Optics express 18 (17), 18278-18283, 2010
Subnanometer linewidth uniformity in silicon nanophotonic waveguide devices using CMOS fabrication technology
SK Selvaraja, W Bogaerts, P Dumon, D Van Thourhout, R Baets
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 16 (1), 316-324, 2009
Fabrication of photonic wire and crystal circuits in silicon-on-insulator using 193-nm optical lithography
SK Selvaraja, P Jaenen, W Bogaerts, D Van Thourhout, P Dumon, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 27 (18), 4076-4083, 2009
Low-loss singlemode PECVD silicon nitride photonic wire waveguides for 532–900 nm wavelength window fabricated within a CMOS pilot line
AZ Subramanian, P Neutens, A Dhakal, R Jansen, T Claes, X Rottenberg, ...
IEEE Photonics Journal 5 (6), 2202809-2202809, 2013
Silicon photonic integration platform—have we found the sweet spot?
DX Xu, JH Schmid, GT Reed, GZ Mashanovich, DJ Thomson, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 20 (4), 189-205, 2014
Low-loss amorphous silicon-on-insulator technology for photonic integrated circuitry
SK Selvaraja, E Sleeckx, M Schaekers, W Bogaerts, D Van Thourhout, ...
Optics Communications 282 (9), 1767-1770, 2009
Compact single-mode silicon hybrid rib/strip waveguide with adiabatic bends
W Bogaerts, SK Selvaraja
IEEE Photonics Journal 3 (3), 422-432, 2011
Grating-based optical fiber interfaces for silicon-on-insulator photonic integrated circuits
G Roelkens, D Vermeulen, S Selvaraja, R Halir, W Bogaerts, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected topics in quantum Electronics 17 (3), 571-580, 2010
Nonlinear properties of and nonlinear processing in hydrogenated amorphous silicon waveguides
B Kuyken, H Ji, S Clemmen, SK Selvaraja, H Hu, M Pu, M Galili, ...
Optics express 19 (26), B146-B153, 2011
Planar concave grating demultiplexer with high reflective Bragg reflector facets
J Brouckaert, W Bogaerts, S Selvaraja, P Dumon, R Baets, ...
IEEE Photonics technology letters 20 (4), 309-311, 2008
On-chip parametric amplification with 26.5 dB gain at telecommunication wavelengths using CMOS-compatible hydrogenated amorphous silicon waveguides
B Kuyken, S Clemmen, SK Selvaraja, W Bogaerts, D Van Thourhout, ...
Optics letters 36 (4), 552-554, 2011
Highly efficient grating coupler between optical fiber and silicon photonic circuit
SK Selvaraja, D Vermeulen, M Schaekers, E Sleeckx, W Bogaerts, ...
2009 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and 2009 Conference on Quantum …, 2009
Silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) IQ modulator using the linear electro-optic effect for transmitting 16QAM at 112 Gbit/s
D Korn, R Palmer, H Yu, PC Schindler, L Alloatti, M Baier, R Schmogrow, ...
Optics express 21 (11), 13219-13227, 2013
Nanophotonic devices for optical interconnect
D Van Thourhout, T Spuesens, SK Selvaraja, L Liu, G Roelkens, R Kumar, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 16 (5), 1363-1375, 2010
Highly uniform and low-loss passive silicon photonics devices using a 300mm CMOS platform
SK Selvaraja, P De Heyn, G Winroth, P Ong, G Lepage, C Cailler, A Rigny, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Th2A. 33, 2014
Silicon-on-insulator polarization rotator based on a symmetry breaking silicon overlay
D Vermeulen, S Selvaraja, P Verheyen, P Absil, W Bogaerts, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24 (6), 482-484, 2012
Bridging the gap between nanophotonic waveguide circuits and single mode optical fibers using diffractive grating structures
G Roelkens, D Vermeulen, F Van Laere, S Selvaraja, S Scheerlinck, ...
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 10 (3), 1551-1562, 2010
Near-infrared grating couplers for silicon nitride photonic wires
AZ Subramanian, S Selvaraja, P Verheyen, A Dhakal, K Komorowska, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24 (19), 1700-1703, 2012
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