Cigdem Eskicioglu
Cigdem Eskicioglu
Professor, NSERC/Metro Vancouver Industrial Research Chair
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An overview of construction and demolition waste management in Canada: a lifecycle analysis approach to sustainability
M Yeheyis, K Hewage, MS Alam, C Eskicioglu, R Sadiq
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 15 (1), 81-91, 2013
Athermal microwave effects for enhancing digestibility of waste activated sludge
C Eskicioglu, N Terzian, KJ Kennedy, RL Droste, M Hamoda
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Characterization of soluble organic matter of waste activated sludge before and after thermal pretreatment
C Eskicioglu, KJ Kennedy, RL Droste
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Fate of estrogenic hormones in wastewater and sludge treatment: A review of properties and analytical detection techniques in sludge matrix
H Hamid, C Eskicioglu
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Synergetic pretreatment of sewage sludge by microwave irradiation in presence of H2O2 for enhanced anaerobic digestion
C Eskicioglu, A Prorot, J Marin, RL Droste, KJ Kennedy
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Microwave, ultrasonic and chemo-mechanical pretreatments for enhancing methane potential of pulp mill wastewater treatment sludge
M Saha, C Eskicioglu, J Marin
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Enhanced disinfection and methane production from sewage sludge by microwave irradiation
C Eskicioglu, KJ Kennedy, RL Droste
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Effect of microwave irradiation on anaerobic degradability of model kitchen waste
J Marin, KJ Kennedy, C Eskicioglu
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Enhancement of batch waste activated sludge digestion by microwave pretreatment
C Eskicioglu, KJ Kennedy, RL Droste
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Effect of inoculum/substrate ratio on mesophilic anaerobic digestion of bioethanol plant whole stillage in batch mode
C Eskicioglu, M Ghorbani
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Performance of anaerobic waste activated sludge digesters after microwave pretreatment
C Eskicioglu, RL Droste, KJ Kennedy
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Anaerobic digestion of whole stillage from dry-grind corn ethanol plant under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions
C Eskicioglu, KJ Kennedy, J Marin, B Strehler
Bioresource technology 102 (2), 1079-1086, 2011
Mesophilic batch anaerobic co-digestion of fruit-juice industrial waste and municipal waste sludge: Process and cost-benefit analysis
EH Koupaie, MB Leiva, C Eskicioglu, C Dutil
Bioresource Technology 152, 66-73, 2014
High pressure homogenization and two-phased anaerobic digestion for enhanced biogas conversion from municipal waste sludge
AK Wahidunnabi, C Eskicioglu
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Initial examination of microwave pretreatment on primary, secondary and mixed sludges before and after anaerobic digestion
C Eskicioglu, KJ Kennedy, RL Droste
Water Science and technology 57 (3), 311-317, 2008
Recent developments on thermal municipal sludge pretreatment technologies for enhanced anaerobic digestion
G Kor-Bicakci, C Eskicioglu
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 110, 423-443, 2019
A critical review of pretreatment technologies to enhance anaerobic digestion and energy recovery
MR Atelge, AE Atabani, JR Banu, D Krisa, M Kaya, C Eskicioglu, G Kumar, ...
Fuel 270, 117494, 2020
Health risk assessment of heavy metals through the consumption of food crops fertilized by biosolids: A probabilistic-based analysis
EH Koupaie, C Eskicioglu
Journal of Hazardous Materials 300, 855-865, 2015
Anaerobic co-digestion of microalgal biomass and wheat straw with and without thermo-alkaline pretreatment
M Solé-Bundó, C Eskicioglu, M Garfí, H Carrère, I Ferrer
Bioresource technology 237, 89-98, 2017
Conductive heating and microwave hydrolysis under identical heating profiles for advanced anaerobic digestion of municipal sludge
SN Mehdizadeh, C Eskicioglu, J Bobowski, T Johnson
Water research 47 (14), 5040-5051, 2013
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