Charles Caskey
Charles Caskey
Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, Vanderbilt University
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Ultrasound contrast microbubbles in imaging and therapy: physical principles and engineering
S Qin, CF Caskey, KW Ferrara
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Influence of lipid shell physicochemical properties on ultrasound-induced microbubble destruction
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SM Stieger, CF Caskey, RH Adamson, S Qin, FRE Curry, ER Wisner, ...
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DNA and polylysine adsorption and multilayer construction onto cationic lipid-coated microbubbles
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F Thorsen, B Fite, LM Mahakian, JW Seo, S Qin, V Harrison, S Johnson, ...
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Accelerometer-based prediction of running injury in National Collegiate Athletic Association track athletes
D Kiernan, DA Hawkins, MAC Manoukian, M McKallip, L Oelsner, ...
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Leveraging the power of ultrasound for therapeutic design and optimization
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A comparison of image contrast with 64Cu-labeled long circulating liposomes and 18F-FDG in a murine model of mammary carcinoma
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T Ilovitsh, A Ilovitsh, J Foiret, CF Caskey, J Kusunose, BZ Fite, H Zhang, ...
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Cytochrome P450 epoxygenase-derived epoxyeicosatrienoic acids contribute to insulin sensitivity in mice and in humans
MH Gangadhariah, BW Dieckmann, L Lantier, L Kang, DH Wasserman, ...
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Open-source, small-animal magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound system
ME Poorman, VL Chaplin, K Wilkens, MD Dockery, TD Giorgio, ...
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In vivo validation and 3D visualization of broadband ultrasound molecular imaging
X Hu, CF Caskey, LM Mahakian, DE Kruse, JR Beegle, AE Declèves, ...
American journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 3 (4), 336, 2013
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