Pedro Isasi
Pedro Isasi
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Redes de neuronas artificiales. Un enfoque práctico
P Isasi, I Galván
Madrid. España, Pearson Educación, SA, 2004
AMPSO: a new particle swarm method for nearest neighborhood classification
A Cervantes, IM Galván, P Isasi
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Evolutionary convolutional neural networks: An application to handwriting recognition
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Using genetic programming to learn and improve control knowledge
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Evolutionary design of nearest prototype classifiers
F Fernández, P Isasi
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Optimization techniques for solving complex problems
E Alba, C Blum, P Asasi, C Leon, JA Gomez
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Resting tremor classification and detection in Parkinson's disease patients
C Camara, P Isasi, K Warwick, V Ruiz, T Aziz, J Stein, E Bakštein
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A survey of handwritten character recognition with mnist and emnist
A Baldominos, Y Saez, P Isasi
Applied Sciences 9 (15), 3169, 2019
A scalable machine learning online service for big data real-time analysis
A Baldominos, E Albacete, Y Saez, P Isasi
2014 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Big Data (CIBD), 1-8, 2014
Soft computing techniques applied to finance
A Mochón, D Quintana, Y Sáez, P Isasi
Applied Intelligence 29 (2), 111-115, 2008
Evolving a fuzzy controller for a car racing competition
D Perez, G Recio, Y Saez, P Isasi
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Lenguajes, gramáticas y autómatas
PI Viñuela
Pearson Educación, 1997
Local feature weighting in nearest prototype classification
F Fernández, P Isasi
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 19 (1), 40-53, 2008
A comparison study of classifier algorithms for cross-person physical activity recognition
Y Saez, A Baldominos, P Isasi
Sensors 17 (1), 66, 2017
Benchmarking a wide spectrum of metaheuristic techniques for the radio network design problem
SP Mendes, G Molina, MA Vega-Rodríguez, JA Gómez-Pulido, Y Sáez, ...
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation 13 (5), 1133-1150, 2009
Multi-step learning rule for recurrent neural models: an application to time series forecasting
IM Galván, P Isasi
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Finding efficient distinguishers for cryptographic mappings, with an application to the block cipher TEA
JC Hernandez, P Isasi
Computational Intelligence 20 (3), 517-525, 2004
Hydroelectric power plant management relying on neural networks and expert system integration
JM Molina, P Isasi, A Berlanga, A Sanchis
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 13 (3), 357-369, 2000
Genetic programming and deductive-inductive learning: A multistrategy approach
R Aler, D Borrajo Millán, P Isasi
Morgan Kaufmann, 1998
A comparison between the Pittsburgh and Michigan approaches for the binary PSO algorithm
A Cervantes, I Galvan, P Isasi
2005 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 1, 290-297, 2005
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