Alain De Beuckelaer
Alain De Beuckelaer
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Work organization and mental health problems in PhD students
K Levecque, F Anseel, A De Beuckelaer, J Van der Heyden, L Gisle
Research Policy 46 (4), 868-879, 2017
Facing off with Scylla and Charybdis: a comparison of scalar, partial, and the novel possibility of approximate measurement invariance
R Van De Schoot, A Kluytmans, L Tummers, P Lugtig, J Hox, B Muthén
Frontiers in psychology 4, 770, 2013
Measurement equivalence of paper‐and‐pencil and Internet organisational surveys: A large scale examination in 16 countries
A De Beuckelaer, F Lievens
Applied Psychology 58 (2), 336-361, 2009
Keep the fire burning: Reciprocal gains of basic need satisfaction, intrinsic motivation and innovative work behaviour
T Devloo, F Anseel, A De Beuckelaer, M Salanova
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 24 (4), 491-504, 2015
When passion fades: Disentangling the temporal dynamics of entrepreneurial passion for founding
V Collewaert, F Anseel, M Crommelinck, A De Beuckelaer, J Vermeire
Journal of Management Studies 53 (6), 966-995, 2016
Measurement invariance of the Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale scores: Does the measurement structure hold across far Eastern and European countries?
N Libbrecht, AD Beuckelaer, F Lievens, T Rockstuhl
Applied Psychology 63 (2), 223-237, 2014
Biased latent variable mean comparisons due to measurement noninvariance: A simulation study
A De Beuckelaer, G Swinnen
Cross-Cultural Analysis, 127-156, 2018
Small sample surveys: increasing rigor in supply chain management research
A De Beuckelaer, SM Wagner
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 2012
The role of faculty members' cross-cultural competencies in their perceived teaching quality: evidence from culturally-diverse classes in four European countries
A De Beuckelaer, F Lievens, J Bücker
The Journal of Higher Education 83 (2), 217-248, 2012
Using ad hoc measures for response styles: A cautionary note
A De Beuckelaer, B Weijters, A Rutten
Quality & Quantity 44 (4), 761-775, 2010
How harmful are survey translations? A test with Schwartz’s human values instrument
E Davidov, A De Beuckelaer
International Journal of Public Opinion Research 22 (4), 485-510, 2010
Measurement equivalence in the conduct of a global organizational survey across countries in six cultural regions
A De Beuckelaer, F Lievens, G Swinnen
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 80 (4), 575-600, 2007
Measurment Invariance Issues in International Management Research
A Beuckelaer
Diepenbeek, België: Limburgs Universitair Centrum/Universiteit Hasselt, 2005
Do managers use feedback seeking as a strategy to regulate demands–abilities misfit? The moderating role of implicit person theory
T Devloo, F Anseel, A De Beuckelaer
Journal of Business and Psychology 26 (4), 453-465, 2011
Why seeking feedback from diverse sources may not be sufficient for stimulating creativity: The role of performance dynamism and creative time pressure
RBL Sijbom, F Anseel, M Crommelinck, A De Beuckelaer, ...
Journal of Organizational Behavior 39 (3), 355-368, 2018
A closer examination on some parametric alternatives to the ANOVA F-test
A De Beuckelaer
Statistical Papers 37 (4), 291-305, 1996
When the fire dies: Perceived success and support for innovation shape the motivating potential of innovative work behaviour
T Devloo, F Anseel, A De Beuckelaer, M Feys
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 25 (4), 512-524, 2016
Personality traits and types in relation to career success: An empirical comparison using the big five
JH Semeijn, B Van der Heijden, A De Beuckelaer
Applied Psychology 69 (2), 538-556, 2020
Qualitative and quantitative international research: The issue of overlooking alternative explanations
A De Beuckelaer, S Wagner
Journal of Purchasing and Supply management 13 (3), 213-215, 2007
Between-method convergent validity of four data collection methods in quantitative means-end-chain research
I Langbroek, A De Beuckelaer
Food Quality and Preference 18 (1), 13-25, 2007
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