K. K. Ramakrishnan
K. K. Ramakrishnan
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, University of California, Riverside
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Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet.
B Braden, DD Clark, J Crowcroft, BS Davie, S Deering, D Estrin, S Floyd, ...
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The addition of explicit congestion notification (ECN) to IP
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A proposal to add explicit congestion notification (ECN) to IP
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Scheduling and admission control policy for a continuous media server
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Compressed video over networks
MT Sun
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Disaster recovery as a cloud service: economic benefits & deployment challenges.
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Load balancing based on queue length, in a network of processor stations
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Explicit window adaptation: A method to enhance TCP performance
L Kalampoukas, A Varma, KK Ramakrishnan
Proceedings. IEEE INFOCOM'98, the Conference on Computer Communications …, 1998
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