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jung-in Lee
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Mesoporous CuO particles threaded with CNTs for high‐performance lithium‐ion battery anodes
S Ko, JI Lee, HS Yang, S Park, U Jeong
Advanced materials 24 (32), 4451-4456, 2012
High‐performance macroporous bulk silicon anodes synthesized by template‐free chemical etching
BM Bang, JI Lee, H Kim, J Cho, S Park
Advanced Energy Materials 2 (7), 878-883, 2012
Chemical‐assisted thermal disproportionation of porous silicon monoxide into silicon‐based multicomponent systems
JI Lee, KT Lee, J Cho, J Kim, NS Choi, S Park
Angewandte Chemie 124 (11), 2821-2825, 2012
3D graphene-based hybrid materials: synthesis and applications in energy storage and conversion
Q Shi, Y Cha, Y Song, JI Lee, C Zhu, X Li, MK Song, D Du, Y Lin
Nanoscale 8 (34), 15414-15447, 2016
High-performance silicon-based multicomponent battery anodes produced via synergistic coupling of multifunctional coating layers
JI Lee, Y Ko, M Shin, HK Song, NS Choi, MG Kim, S Park
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (7), 2075-2084, 2015
Highly stable Si-based multicomponent anodes for practical use in lithium-ion batteries
JI Lee, NS Choi, S Park
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (7), 7878-7882, 2012
Helical silicon/silicon oxide core–shell anodes grown onto the surface of bulk silicon
H Yoo, JI Lee, H Kim, JP Lee, J Cho, S Park
Nano letters 11 (10), 4324-4328, 2011
High-performance porous silicon monoxide anodes synthesized via metal-assisted chemical etching
JI Lee, S Park
Nano Energy 2 (1), 146-152, 2013
Multifunctional molecular design as an efficient polymeric binder for silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries
MT Jeena, JI Lee, SH Kim, C Kim, JY Kim, S Park, JH Ryu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (20), 18001-18007, 2014
Multifunctional SnO 2/3D graphene hybrid materials for sodium-ion and lithium-ion batteries with excellent rate capability and long cycle life
JI Lee, J Song, Y Cha, S Fu, C Zhu, X Li, Y Lin, MK Song
Nano Research 10 (12), 4398-4414, 2017
Highly dispersive and electrically conductive silver-coated Si anodes synthesized via a simple chemical reduction process
S Yoo, JI Lee, S Ko, S Park
Nano Energy 2 (6), 1271-1278, 2013
Revisit of metallothermic reduction for macroporous Si: compromise between capacity and volume expansion for practical Li-ion battery
S Choi, T Bok, J Ryu, JI Lee, J Cho, S Park
Nano Energy 12, 161-168, 2015
High-performance Si anodes with a highly conductive and thermally stable titanium silicide coating layer
O Park, JI Lee, MJ Chun, JT Yeon, S Yoo, S Choi, NS Choi, S Park
Rsc Advances 3 (8), 2538-2542, 2013
Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Si-SiOx Core-Shell Nanowire Anodes for High-Rate and High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries
KW Lim, JI Lee, J Yang, YK Kim, HY Jeong, S Park, HS Shin
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (9), 6340-6345, 2014
Ultrahigh‐Energy‐Density Lithium‐Ion Batteries Based on a High‐Capacity Anode and a High‐Voltage Cathode with an Electroconductive Nanoparticle Shell
JI Lee, EH Lee, JH Park, S Park, SY Lee
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (8), 1301542, 2014
Efficient Li‐Ion‐Conductive Layer for the Realization of Highly Stable High‐Voltage and High‐Capacity Lithium Metal Batteries
SP Jung‐In Lee, Myungsoo Shin, Dongki Hong
Advanced energy materials 9 (13), 1803722, 2019
Amphiphilic graft copolymers as a versatile binder for various electrodes of high‐performance lithium‐ion batteries
JI Lee, H Kang, KH Park, M Shin, D Hong, HJ Cho, NR Kang, J Lee, ...
Small 12 (23), 3119-3127, 2016
Controlled synthesis of sulfur-rich polymeric selenium sulfides as promising electrode materials for long-life, high-rate lithium metal batteries
P Dong, KS Han, JI Lee, X Zhang, Y Cha, MK Song
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (35), 29565-29573, 2018
Large‐Scale Synthesis of Interconnected Si/SiOx Nanowire Anodes for Rechargeable Lithium‐Ion Batteries
S Yoo, JI Lee, M Shin, S Park
ChemSusChem 6 (7), 1153-1157, 2013
Surface engineering of sponge-like silicon particles for high-performance lithium-ion battery anodes
JI Lee, JH Park, SY Lee, S Park
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (19), 7045-7049, 2013
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