Seok-Jin Yoon
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Issue and challenges facing rechargeable thin film lithium batteries
A Patil, V Patil, DW Shin, JW Choi, DS Paik, SJ Yoon
Materials research bulletin 43 (8-9), 1913-1942, 2008
Highly stretchable piezoelectric‐pyroelectric hybrid nanogenerator
JH Lee, KY Lee, MK Gupta, TY Kim, DY Lee, J Oh, C Ryu, WJ Yoo, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (5), 765-769, 2014
The selective detection of C2H5OH using SnO2–ZnO thin film gas sensors prepared by combinatorial solution deposition
KW Kim, PS Cho, SJ Kim, JH Lee, CY Kang, JS Kim, SJ Yoon
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Microwave dielectric characteristics of ilmenite-type titanates with high Q values
JH Sohn, Y Inaguma, SO Yoon, M Itoh, T Nakamura, SJ Yoon, HJ Kim
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High output piezo/triboelectric hybrid generator
WS Jung, MG Kang, HG Moon, SH Baek, SJ Yoon, ZL Wang, SW Kim, ...
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Recent progress on PZT based piezoelectric energy harvesting technologies
MG Kang, WS Jung, CY Kang, SJ Yoon
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All‐solution‐processed flexible thin film piezoelectric nanogenerator
SY Chung, S Kim, JH Lee, K Kim, SW Kim, CY Kang, SJ Yoon, YS Kim
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Method for making electrical and electronic devices with vertically integrated and interconnected thin-film type battery
YS Yoon, HJ Jung, WK Choi, SJ Yoon
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Powerful curved piezoelectric generator for wearable applications
WS Jung, MJ Lee, MG Kang, HG Moon, SJ Yoon, SH Baek, CY Kang
Nano Energy 13, 174-181, 2015
An earthworm-like locomotive mechanism for capsule endoscopes
B Kim, S Park, CY Jee, SJ Yoon
2005 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2005
Self-activated ultrahigh chemosensitivity of oxide thin film nanostructures for transparent sensors
HG Moon, YS Shim, HY Jeong, M Jeong, JY Jung, SM Han, JK Kim, ...
Scientific reports 2 (1), 1-7, 2012
Microwave dielectric properties of Ca [(Li1/3Nb2/3) 1− xMx] O3− δ (M= Sn, Ti) ceramics
JW Choi, CY Kang, SJ Yoon, HJ Kim, HJ Jung, KH Yoon
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Effect of Additives on the Electromechanical Properties of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3–Pb(Y2/3W1/3)O3 Ceramics
SJ Yoon, A Joshi, K Uchino
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Multilayer piezoelectric energy scavenger for large current generation
HC Song, HC Kim, CY Kang, HJ Kim, SJ Yoon, DY Jeong
Journal of Electroceramics 23 (2-4), 301, 2009
Extremely Sensitive and Selective NO Probe Based on Villi-like WO3 Nanostructures for Application to Exhaled Breath Analyzers
HG Moon, YR Choi, YS Shim, KI Choi, JH Lee, JS Kim, SJ Yoon, HH Park, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (21), 10591-10596, 2013
A near single crystalline TiO 2 nanohelix array: enhanced gas sensing performance and its application as a monolithically integrated electronic nose
S Hwang, H Kwon, S Chhajed, JW Byon, JM Baik, J Im, SH Oh, HW Jang, ...
Analyst 138 (2), 443-450, 2013
A novel tiny ultrasonic linear motor using the radial mode of a bimorph
HP Ko, S Kim, SN Borodinas, PE Vasiljev, CY Kang, SJ Yoon
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Au-decorated WO 3 cross-linked nanodomes for ultrahigh sensitive and selective sensing of NO 2 and C 2 H 5 OH
YS Shim, HG Moon, L Zhang, SJ Yoon, YS Yoon, CY Kang, HW Jang
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Fabrication of bismuth telluride-based alloy thin film thermoelectric devices grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
SD Kwon, B Ju, SJ Yoon, JS Kim
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Crystal structure and microwave dielectric properties of La (Mg1/2Ti1/2) O3 ceramics
DY Lee, SJ Yoon, JH Yeo, S Nahm, JH Paik, KC Whang, BG Ahn
Journal of materials science letters 19 (2), 131-134, 2000
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